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Jason Whitlock: Florida State Gets CFB Playoff Bid if Deion Was Their Coach

Jason Whitlock: “College football is just another reality television show. Reality TV is scripted. Alabama and Texas are bigger stars than Florida State. The networks don’t care about competition, they care about ratings. That’s ALL they care about. That’s why the networks spent all season trying convince viewers that Deion Sanders was the second coming of Bear Bryant. What’s funny is -- if Deion coached Florida State, the Seminoles would have qualified for the playoffs with a 13-0 or 12-1 record. I know people think I’m just trolling, but with this new system here’s what they’ve put into play and I mean this in all seriousness... If Florida State is 13-0 OR 12-1 with Deion Sanders as head coach, they’re in the playoffs. I’m not wrong. They [the playoff committee] would be called the ‘KKK Kommittee’ if Deion is 13-0 and doesn’t make the playoffs. They’d be the number one seed if Deion was the head coach. That’s the kind of stuff that has now been injected into this and it’s not good.” 

Steve Kim: “There is an argument for that. If the guy is literally winning ‘Sportsman of the Year’ for winning four games, is it out of the realm of possibility? A lot of this is about television ratings. Say what you want, but I think the matchups are actually really, really good.” 

Whitlock: “I want you to see how things have changed with this playoff deal. Remember, for years, a lot of the bowl games after you get past the Rose, the Sugar, the highest of the high-end bowls, were all decided on ‘Hey, how many tickets can you sell??’... And now we’re going to move into an era where ‘can you drive television ratings??’ is going to determine whether or not you get into the playoffs. That’s why I’m saying Deion would provide a decided advantage for Florida State. A 12-1 Florida State team would be in the playoffs right now and Alabama or Texas would be sitting at home to make room for Deion Sanders and all those TV ratings he would draw.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he thinks the 13-0 Florida State Seminoles would have been selected by the College Football Playoff selection committee if Deion Sanders was their head coach, saying there’s no way the committee would risk being called ‘racist’ if a Sanders’ led Noles team wasn’t included at either 13-0 or 12-1. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls college football another ‘reality show’ like the NFL, and an entity that would rather choose the option that gives them the best television ratings over getting the four best teams, adding that the committee would be terrified of being called the ‘KKK Kommitee’ if the media's darling Deion was snubbed.

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