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Jason Whitlock Says ‘Narcissist’ Deion Sanders is Awful For College Sports

Jason Whitlock: “This is from the New York Post but it’s also from the Colorado website: Colorado Creates Deion Sanders-Inspired 'Prime Time’ course. Are you kidding me? ‘Harvard has a course about Taylor Swift, and now Colorado University students can take a class on Coach Prime, Deion Sanders. Sanders was named head football coach of the team nearly a year ago and has completely revamped the program...'

‘The football coach and Hall of Fame football player has now inspired a course at the Boulder, Colorado school ‘Prime Time.’ Public performance and leadership will be offered to students in the College of Media Communication at Colorado University next semester. Intercollegiate athletics and the college athlete experience are undergoing fundamental transformations as athletes gain control of their name, image, and likeness, and begin monetizing their personal brands for the first time. This course considers collegiate and professional athletes as a special kind of public figure whose public personas can create opportunities to earn income from sponsors and commercial interests, but also as influential advocates for social justice and cultural influence.’ 

Whitlock: "The Deion Groupies have complained about my ‘Daily Dose of Deion’, but I’m trying to point out to you the level of idolatry that is being thrown at Deion Sanders. He’s been made into an idol and cult-like figure to the point that a major university – after the guy loses eight of his last nine games, finished in last place of the Pac-12, and made a fool of himself the entire year – put this guy on a pedestal. Deion is now the role model for leadership after what we just witnessed? If that’s the role model that we want all people mimicking and ‘learning’ about, it’s a wrap. This is somewhat commonplace where we take these pop culture substance-less celebrities and act like they have something to teach our young people on college campuses and that they are the role models our kids should follow. If Deion has the self-confidence that he proclaims he has – and he does not, because people with real self-confidence don’t do what Deion does. If he legitimately had self-confidence, he would have told the university ‘Hey, pump the brakes on that class. That’s embarrassing, I just went 4-8 and we just finished in last place. Let me win something first. Why don’t we crawl up out of last place in our conference before we start teaching kids how to be the next Deion Sanders.’ If he had real confidence he would be embarrassed by this. But when you don’t have real confidence and when you’re a narcissist – ‘Yeah, let them teach a course about me. Let 60 Minutes do two profiles on me in a 12-month span. Do all you can to hype me up because I’m not really sure I’m going to accomplish anything in this head coaching space at the Power 5 level.’ Many of you are out there going ‘EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE BETTER NEXT YEAR!’... Ya’ll still think football is that easy? Just plug and play, and whoever has got the best players, they win all the games?... It doesn't matter how many guys they flip in the portal, all these teams have more talent and more depth than Colorado. It’s not all just about talent, it’s ‘do you put that talent in an environment where a team can succeed on a consistent basis?’ Where a team isn’t plagued by shooting its own self in the foot time after time. Deion’s team was the most penalized and the most undisciplined team in all of Power 5 football. That’s the culture Deion set. Are they going to teach THAT in the class? That Deion’s great ‘leadership’ led his team to be the most penalized and undisciplined team in all of college football? That’s a big part of the reason why they lost so many games... Some of you know nothing about how college football actually operates and you think that coaches just cut players all the time. That had not been the standard. Deion has ushered that in as the standard; that you just get rid of players. Deion has ushered in the standard of ‘if there is a group of guys not performing well, I'll just call them out in press conferences as long as their last name isn’t Sanders. I’ll just throw my offensive linemen under the bus all year long and I’ll just replace them.’ Deion has set that standard. This is the kind of ‘great leadership’ that Colorado is going to be teaching its students about... ‘OH, THEY ONLY WON ONE GAME SO IT’S JUSTIFIED! MISTREATING KIDS, RUINING THEIR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE, WHO CARES?? DEION’S GOT TO WIN GAMES!’... This whole thing is not about the kids, it’s about Deion Sanders. I get it, Deion is this Black icon who can do no wrong because his skin is Black, because he wears gold chains, and because you think he’s popular. He can mistreat young people, he can abuse young people, he can run them out, ruin their childhood experiences... ‘OH, THAT’S A PITY PARTY! THEY WERE 1-11 THE YEAR BEFORE! THEY NEEDED TO GET KICKED OFF THE TEAM!’... That’s the world you want to live in? Your standards are based off ‘WELL, DEION IS BLACK! HE’S POPULAR! HE NEEDS TO DO THAT! DEION IS IMPORTANT, HE’S A SYMBOL!’... That’s why I talked about Deion all year – he's setting a TERRIBLE precedent for college sports. He’s exploiting the system and normalizing behavior that is not good for the long-term of college football, and does a disservice to the young people involved in college football. It’s all about Deion and his son Shedeur. That’s why I call him ‘Coach Pee Wee.’ He’s a pee wee football coach. It’s all about his son Shedeur, and his other son Shilo. If any of you have experience with pee wee football, coached by a dad who favors his son and builds the entire team around their son, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s not a standard. I could care less how popular Deion is, that’s why I’ve spent all year pointing it out.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out and mock Deion Sanders and Colorado University for now offering a ‘leadership’ class in the communications department fixated around the life lessons and influences of ‘Coach Prime’ at Colorado, with Whitlock ripping the continued hero worship for a football coach who just finished in last place of the Pac-12 standings. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock blasts ‘narcissist’ Sanders for even endorsing the class after such a disastrous first season at Colorado, and details why Sanders should never be celebrated as a head coach in major college football. 

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