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Colin Cowherd: Jordan Love's Packers Already Surpassed Aaron Rodgers' Team

Colin Cowherd: “When I watch Green Bay, my takeaway is: why in the world did Aaron leave?? This o-line, this coach, Aaron Jones, these receivers... Green Bay has got DUDES. There is a very obvious window opening up with Green Bay. I think they look at it now and wonder if they should have moved off Aaron two years ago. It’s amazing when the Green Bay quarterback actually doesn’t check out of designed plays, how good of a coach Matt LaFleur is. If you go around he NFL, find me the teams that draft and develop offense better than Green Bay? I’m sure you can go find a couple, but Green Bay is REALLY GOOD at it. Pittsburgh has done a good job finding wide receiver talent, but this is what Green Bay does. They draft and develop. You don’t have an owner but you don’t have chaos. You’re in a small town but you don’t have a seething agenda-driven big town media. Jordan Love can be erratic but the dude is a playmaker and he’s very Favre-like. He’s not going to be as precise as Aaron Rodgers. Aaron doesn’t throw a lot of picks, he’s very precise. Love has got more ‘Favre’ where the ball will sail and he’ll take more chances. Not only have they not dipped losing Aaron Rodgers, this team would blow out last year's Packers, I’m convinced of it. I thought they were better than San Francisco, and I think San Francisco has got one of the two best rosters in football. They’re more cohesive, they’re more collaborative, they look like you’re actually watching a ‘team’, a coach, and they’re running the plays designed by the staff. There’s no drama around them. I like San Francisco a lot but a lot of their star players are getting banged up and they're old... Dallas has to pay Micah soon, and Dak’s cap hit is now punitive. Philadelphia, do we love the head coach? And they just lost their emotional leader Jason Kelce. The Rams were great but Stafford is turning 36, he’s been banged up a bit, and Aaron Donald is getting older. Detroit is going to be good, but they’re losing Ben Johnson and they’re gonna have to pay Jared Goff some big money in a year. Does Aaron understand what he left? Because this thing is STACKED. This offense is STACKED, and when is the last time the Packers had a bad o-line? Aaron Jones is stud. After Christian McCaffrey, there’s a shortlist of running backs I would start my team with – Aaron Jones is near the top of that list.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he thinks the Green Bay Packers now have a legitimate Super Bowl window as the NFC’s best team after this season, arguing that these Packers led by Jordan Love would ‘blow out’ the Packers team Aaron Rodgers last played on. 

Check out the segment above as Colin raves about the ‘stacked’ Green Bay offense, and wonders if Rodgers is now regretting leaving such a talented group of skill position players.  

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