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Patrick Mahomes is 'Just Another Guy' If Andy Reid Wasn't His Head Coach

Jason Whitlock: “Were you impressed with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs yesterday?” 

Coach Jason Brown: “Nah, I’m impressed with Andy Reid and Steve Spagnuolo. They dominated that game from top to bottom. Mahomes was 30 of 39 for 240 yards and one touchdown. Thirty completions in the era that you mentioned previously [1980’s/1990’s] where you could hit the quarterback and re-route guys -- that’s a 400-plus yard night. We continue to see this. His average pass attempt was 4.5 yards. He threw the ball to Pacheco or the backs combined 12 times out of the backfield. He threw a great comeback ball to Kelce for a touchdown, and he threw the third-down ball to Valdes-Scantling to seal the deal. Great ball, great decision, great choice – horrible coverage, I had no idea what the Ravens were doing. He made the plays when he had to and I ate crow on my show saying listen: he went to two road games for the first time, which we hadn’t seen, won the games, and he is a winner when it comes down to the playoffs. He’s just proving people wrong over and over. That doesn’t mean I think he’s the most impressive guy I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the guy plenty of times before in Elway, Marino, Aikman, and so on. I don’t want to hear that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. What I will say is Andy Reid is very, very, very undervalued, and he’s almost disrespected by the mainstream media when they don’t bring his name up as how great this guy is. He’s dealing with the Travis Kelce shot thing [commercial endorsement of COVID vaccine], Taylor Swift, Toney going on IG Live before kickoff basically telling him to “s*ck my ‘bleep’, I’m not hurt”, plus having his own issues with his own kids. The internal drama he deals with is unbelievable to say the least. What he’s done there with no receivers, dropped balls early on, struggles with Kelce, all these things... To get in another Super Bowl? Is Andy Reid closer to the ‘GOAT’ than Patrick Mahomes is? That is the real question. I think Andy Reid is closer to being the GOAT, which we will call Bill Belichick, than Patrick Mahomes is closer to Tom Brady, Montana, Elway, etc. That’s how I put it. Without Andy Reid, I believe that Patrick Mahomes is ‘just another guy’, which we call in the football world a ‘JAG’ -- JUST ANOTHER GUY. Did you watch the game? What throw just blew you away? What balls does he throw in that game that you’re like ‘OH MY GOD!’?... I think this is one of Andy Reid’s most masterful jobs ever coaching with this particular team.”

Watch Coach Jason Brown, made famous from his appearances as a junior college football coach on Netflix’s popular show ‘Last Chance U’, join Blaze TV's Fearless with Jason Whitlock to explain why the Kansas City Chiefs' 17-10 AFC Championship game victory over the Baltimore Ravens was more about the coaching genius of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid than it was about Patrick Mahomes further stating his case as the next 'GOAT'.

Check out the segment above as Brown details why Mahomes would be 'Just Another Guy' without Reid as his head coach, with Brown saying that Reid is closer to Belichick as the 'greatest of all time' than Mahomes is to Tom Brady.

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