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Colin Cowherd: Why the 49ers Lost Super Bowl LVIII

Colin Cowherd: “When you lose a Super Bowl there is a generally a reason... When you go to the last seven Super Bowl losers there is usually a definitive reason, and we love to point fingers. Philadelphia last year gave up 17 points in the fourth quarter and their defense totally collapsed. The year before it was the Bengals, they just couldn’t protect Joe Burrow well enough against Kansas City. The year before it was Kansas City, they lost both tackles, they couldn’t protect Mahomes, and Tampa’s defense was hyper-aggressive. The year before it San Francisco – limitations with Jimmy Garoppolo, only had one star with George Kittle, and not enough firepower late in the second half. The year before that it was the Rams – Jared Goff’s inexperience and overwhelmed offensively. The year before that it was New England – in that game the Eagles never punted. So why did San Francisco lose?
There’s always something you can point to. A lot of people are pointing to Kyle Shanahan... ‘I DON’T LIKE THAT OVERTIME COIN FLIP DECISION!’... ‘WHY DID HE BAIL ON CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY IN THE THIRD!’... ‘WHAT ABOUT PURDY!’... I’ll throw out why they lost... Special teams, which was a concern going in. Muffed punt, missed a PAT, and bad luck. Kansas City fumbled five times and recovered four. Then you throw in Dre Greenlaw, a brilliant linebacker in a one-in-a-million bad luck break, got hurt running on the field. That’s really, really BAD LUCK.
In can be duly-noted that San Francisco used all their ‘luck’ against Detroit. They [San Francisco] got all the breaks when trailing 24-10 and really being dominated. You can blame San Francisco’s loss on some bad special teams miscues and just bad luck. Bad injury luck, bad fumble luck... There is nobody to really blame. I’m not even a huge Brock Purdy fan but he played well enough. I don’t believe anyone is ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’, and over the course of a lifetime your choices will dictate your level of success and happiness, but in a moment’s time or a day, you can have bad luck, and you can have good timing.
A lot of things didn’t go San Francisco’s way, like all those fumbles that bounced right back. Christian McCaffrey fumbled right into a Chief. Getting hurt walking into a game? They used all their luck against Detroit, needed it and got it. Against a better team, Kansas City, needed it and didn’t get it. Sometimes in a moment you don’t get the breaks, and San Francisco didn’t.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain what exactly went wrong for the San Francisco 49ers blowing their second Super Bowl in four years to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Check out the segment above as Colin believes the Niners may have simply run out of a ‘luck’, and were on borrowed time of good fortunes after their shocking NFC Championship comeback over the Detroit Lions.

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