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Rob Parker Says a LeBron 'Farewell Tour' Would Be a 'Good Riddance' Rebuke

LeBron James: “I was asked the question a couple days ago -- ‘will you take the farewell tour or will you kind of just ‘Tim Duncan’ it?' I’m 50/50.” 

Rob Parker: “It wouldn't be a farewell tour, it would be a ‘good riddance’ tour. It’s not that he ain’t a great player, but he’s also a very polarizing guy. If he had one of those tours, there’s a chance there would be places where people aren’t that fond of LeBron and you’d hear boos. He’s been around a long time, so you wear on people. Twenty years, it might be 24 years by the time he bounces out. When somebody leaves prematurely after 13-14 years, it’s like ‘MAN, HE’S GONE!’...
Even if people admire his talent, they think he’s so calculated, and ‘I REMEMBER WHEN I BECAME THE GOAT’... There’s a lot of stuff about him that people don’t like. It doesn’t mean he can’t play or he’s not great. There are people right now who can’t wait for him to be done so we don’t have to hear about LeBron anymore. We’ve been talking about LeBron for over 20 years. That doesn’t happen every day that guys stick around that long, and who are that good and relevant. You might stick around and be a bench player but nobody talked about you for the last two or three years of your career. LeBron is still a part of the conversation.
After he passed Kareem [in all-time points], he was at the Super Bowl... It wasn’t a Laker crowd, it was just a sports crowd, and he got booed. Why did you boo him, he wasn’t playing against your team? That’s the litmus test. On a chance where it was non-partisan, nothing at stake other than to recognize him for being the all-time leading scorer in the NBA, half of the crowd booed him.” 

Watch Rob Parker discuss a recent LeBron James interview that involved LeBron pondering whether he would want a premeditated ‘farewell tour’ at the conclusion of his career in the same way Kobe Bryant arranged, with Rob arguing that LeBron’s farewell tour would be more of an unsettling ‘good riddance’ tour, where LeBron’s unsavory polarization would lead to a heavily trolled 'goodbye' from a large portion of NBA fans who never liked him.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why he doesn’t think LeBron is as beloved as legends before him the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and mentions LeBron’s history of getting booed at public events that didn't even include basketball.

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