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Video Showed Kevin Durant Confronting Fan Who Cursed at Him

Photo: Ron Jenkins

A video shared online shows Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant confronting a Dallas Mavericks fan who apparently cursed at him prior to Thursday's (February 22) game at American Airlines Center.

Durant, 35, appeared to hear the profanity, turn around and address two fans, both of whom were wearing Mavericks gear, in the video shared by WFAA sports anchor Jonah Javad on his X account.

"Mavs fan calls Kevin Durant 'a b***h' and KD pauses to have words. Security about to kick the fans out when KD comes back to tell them not to kick them out," Javad wrote.

The woman was seen holding her hand out in an attempt to make peace with Durant. The male fan then attempts to speak to Durant and says, "I host a podcast about sports" before the two-time NBA Finals MVP brushes it off and walks away.

Durant addressed the incident while speaking to reporters after the Suns' 123-113 loss Thursday night.

"My thing was like, even though you called me a b---- as I'm running out with my back turned, people usually do that, call me coward, b---- with my back turned, and it wasn't too many people around," Durant said via "I know you don't mean that and I'm not going to get you kicked out because you paid your money for these tickets, you had a couple of drinks and I understand how people get, but it's better ways to try to get my attention and talk to me other than call me a b---- out my name because you're protected in these arenas."

"I can't go do nothing to you," Durant added. "It's going to mess up everything that I've built up. There are better ways to talk to people. There are better ways to try to get attention, there's better ways to indulge in a conversation with somebody besides trying to get a reaction out of them/ by calling them a b----. I could've easily gotten them kicked out and maybe ban them for a few weeks, but I'd rather have them watch me play."

Durant recorded 23 points and six rebounds while guard Devin Booker recorded a team-best 35 points and eight assists, as well as five rebounds, during Thursday's loss to the Mavericks. Dallas guard Luka Dončić recorded a game-high 41 points and 11 assists, as well as nine rebounds while fellow Mavs guard Kyrie Irving, Durant's former Brooklyn Nets teammate, finished with 29 points, five rebounds and three assists in the victory.

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