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Jason Whitlock Says the 'Woke' Media Could Eventually Destroy Caitlin Clark

Jason Whitlock: "The clear fact is -- and this is something no one can talk about other than we will talk about it here on this show -- she’s going to face a level of racism from Black players, and she’s going to face a level of hostility from lesbian players because she’s not on team LGBTQ – she's a Catholic, she’s got some boyfriend. She’s going to walk into an extremely hostile environment.
When it was Tiger Woods walking into a hostile environment of the PGA Tour, we talked about it, we covered it, we covered it sympathetically, we criticized the people that were against Tiger Woods... As it relates to Caitlin Clark, who could make the WNBA far more relevant -- she’s going to face a level of hostility that is unprecedented. People think men are bad; a group of women? You just sat and listened to Sheryl Swoops stack lie on top of lie, on top of misinformation, and a group of Black people mostly just nodded their heads as if she knew what she was talking about, because Gilbert Arenas knows virtually nothing.
She’s going to walk into hostile territory. There's a reason why she's playing at Iowa. Maybe she's from that area or grew up there, but they got a predominantly White roster because if you put an Angel Reese on that team -- you got headaches and problems. You’re multiplying your Sheryl Swoops-es of the world that are sitting there just trying to hate on them, and trying to prove that they’re not as good as all the hype.
I think the media is going to participate in the diminishment of Caitlin Clark as the ‘woke’ thing to do. It’ll be like the fade haircut deal. ‘DON’T YOU KNOW THAT BLACK PEOPLE INVENTED BASKETBALL?? SHE’S JUST CULTURALLY APPROPRIATING STEPH CURRY’S STYLE OF PLAY!’... They’ll pretend like Pete Maravich never existed, pretend like James Naismith never existed, and that basketball didn’t exist until Michael Jordan invented it. I think she’s going to catch hell from the media, catch hell from the opposition, and if they don’t have the right teammates and head coach in place, she’s gonna catch hell from her own team.
If she’s a Catholic, which I think people think she is, that’s ‘sin’ enough. She’s a Catholic, heterosexual -- she can be ripped and destroyed. There have been some Black WNBA players talk about the discrimination they felt for not going along with the LGBTQ stuff, talk about the sexual gymnastics inside the locker room, and the pressure. If Brittney Griner decides she wants a taste of Caitlin Clark, there is going to be hell to pay if it's not given up. If you listen to the handful of heterosexual women in the WNBA, it’s like walking into prison, and somebody's going to try to make you grab a belt loop -- Britney Griner or one of these others that have been celebrated as a hero.
The only place you'll be able to hear this discussed is on this show. It'll all be ignored. The sexual dynamics, the sexual oppression, and discrimination that she’ll go through will all be ignored."

Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless believes Iowa Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark could face major challenges when she eventually turns pro, with Whitlock saying the ‘woke’ media coupled with an envious and bigoted WNBA locker room could pose a menacing threat to the professional future of the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer and future no. 1 overall pick.

Clark had to recently dodge potshots from former WNBA legend Sheryl Swoops, who bizarrely took to Gilbert Arenas’ 'No Chill With Gilbert Arenas' podcast earlier this month to denigrate Clark’s pursuit of Kelsey Plum’s NCAA career scoring record that she would later break.

Swoops said Clark’s pursuit of the record wasn’t ‘legitimate’ because Clark had the advantage of having an extra season of college due to Clark using her COVID waiver, and thus playing in more games than the previous all-time scoring leader. 

However, Clark is playing in her fourth season at Iowa and has never used her COVID waiver, which was universally granted to all NCAA athletes as an extra year of eligibility that may have been wasted or tainted by the season played during the COVID pandemic in 2021. Clark’s scoring record was broken in under four seasons, and thus should be 'legitimate' according to Swoops' own standards.

Clark could actually use the COVID waiver if she elects to, and return for a fifth season at Iowa in 2025.

Swoops went on to drop other blatant mistruths about Clark, first saying the Iowa senior guard was dominating her opponents because she’s a ‘25-year-old playing against a 20-year-old' -- Clark just turned 22, and then claiming that Clark takes ‘40 shots a game’ and that won’t fly when shes in the WNBA – Clark is averaging 19.9 shot attempts per game for her entire career. 

Whitlock believes Swoops’ unprovoked reprimands could be early warning signs of a WNBA that doesn’t want to embrace perhaps the most profitable player in its league’s history. Whitlock compared Clark’s future journey in the WNBA to Tiger Woods’ on the PGA Tour in the late 1990’s, saying Clark could face the same racial discrimination Woods did in a sport dominated by a race opposite to theirs. 

He added that there is going to be a level of jealousy and ‘racism’ from Black players towards a White star like Clark, and proclaimed that the ‘woke’ media could eventually turn on a White, ‘heterosexual Catholic’ that is not going to represent the archetype of the majority of the league.

Clark already has heat with LSU star Angel Reese, who notoriously taunted Clark in the final moments of LSU's National Championship victory over Clark's Hawkeyes last March. Reese later took the high road and stated that she 'loves Caitlin', but the incident incited its fair share of racial divisiveness from fans and the media alike, and it was the first time in Clark's career that she was involved in a polarizing narrative.

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