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Dak Prescott Wanting $60 Million a Year Should Make Everyone Laugh

Jason Smith: “When I saw this story I just laughed because I just know what the reaction of so many people will be about this...
There’s talks that Dak Prescott is eventually going to renegotiate his contract and could command up to $60 million a year... We need to spend a good couple minutes just laughing about how everyone’s going to implode seeing ‘Dak’ and ‘$60 million’ right next to each other on the internet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? 60 MILLION DOLLARS FOR DAK PRESCOTT?? HAHAHA!
Cowboys fans, media -- their heads are exploding right now and you’re cleaning up brains like this is a Walking Dead episode. Think about this after you stop laughing... Why is this a story that Dak could get $60 million? We have seen an off-season where Jerry Jones has tried to throw a line in the sand going ‘we’re all about next year’, and all the talk about renegotiating Dak's contract has fallen aside. So, here is Dak Prescott playing the game of ‘You don't wanna extend me? Next place I go I could get $60 million a year!’, and that will scare Jerry Jones into saying ‘DON’T WORRY, DAK, WE’LL DO SOMETHING FOR YA!’
This is Jerry Jones’ biggest fault as an owner. He is too loyal to his players. He’s too loyal to the players that he believes he has hand-picked to be stars in the NFL. He believes he did all this scouting work and unearthed Dak Prescott, who was not a top draft pick. He believes Dak Prescott is his find, and he likes paying players that he believes are ‘his finds’. That’s just an insane thing to think about that ‘I like paying you because I discovered you!’ Even though Zeke was a high pick, he ‘discovered’ Zeke and ‘I GOTTA PAY ZEKE!’... That turned out to be the worst contract ever.
Dak Prescott knows that if he pressures Jerry Jones, he can get this contract from the Cowboys. This is Jerry Jones’ biggest fault. He needs to be able to stop and say ‘THIS VERSION OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS DOES NOT WORK SO WE NEED TO MOVE ON!’ He sticks with versions of the team that are faulty way too long and doesn’t make changes. The coaches get way too long to prove they CAN’T do it, the quarterbacks, the wide receivers get way too long. Teams move on and win the Super Bowl constantly going through players. The Chiefs go through five receivers a year with Patrick Mahomes and it doesn’t matter. The teams that win know when something isn’t working, they gotta make a change. The 49ers needed to make a change, they go and get Christian McCaffrey. This isn’t working with Steve Wilks, this isn’t working with Jimmy Garoppolo, this isn’t working with Trey Lance... Teams that make quick decisions on knowing when things aren’t going the right way – that's who wins. Jerry Jones gives the guys he picks years to figure it out, meanwhile, everybody gets two or three years too long before you realize they can’t do it.” 

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio’s The Jason Smith Show, laugh at reports of Dak Prescott seeking a $60 million per year contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys, saying the funniest part might just be the fact Jerry Jones will probably cave into the underachieving playoff loser’s demands. 

Check out the audio above as Smith details’ Jones fatal flaw as an owner and why the Cowboys are stuck in perpetual postseason doom because of it. 

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