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Colin Cowherd Says Chicago Media Needs to Stop 'Protecting' Justin Fields

Colin Cowherd: “Albert Breer said the framework of a Justin Fields trade could be in place this week. Can we all now just finally admit all of this ‘BEARS ARE KEEPING JUSTIN FIELDS!’ rumors were all just to keep his trade value high? If the Bears bailed on Justin Fields in Week 8 or 9, what would he be worth today?
The guy hasn’t had multiple touchdown passes in a game since Week 5 and they’ve gone out of their way [to surround him with talent] even when they missed – Chase Claypool, DJ Moore, they got him another tight end, lot of draft capital on the o-line... You can’t keep blaming the Bears, they went and got some good pieces. Bryce Young doesn’t have anything to work with. Justin Fields’ o-line is middle of the pack.
His final seven games this year he had five touchdowns, three picks, completion percentage around 60%, and a passer rating in the low 80s against mostly lousy teams. But the Bears would go out and very smartly say 'THIS WILL BE A VERY TOUGH CHOICE FOR US! WE LIKE WHAT WE SEE! WE SEE SOMEONE WHO IS GETTING BETTER!’... I don’t, but I see the game plan. His passer numbers are FLAT, his running numbers have gone down. The Chicago Bears aren’t perfect but they’ve added pieces. Chase Claypool didn’t work out, but DJ Moore is an absolute bonafide no. 1 receiver. Cole Kmet is a very fine tight end, and the o-line is fine.
He doesn’t win a lot of games, that’s a problem. Don’t listen to the analytic nerds, good quarterbacks win close games. He is a dreadful fourth quarter quarterback, the worst in the league. The Chicago media’s opinion of him is just not reality. The Chicago media all season long tried to defend him, elevate him, protect him, promote him... Maybe they’re watching Ohio State film. If you look at the second half stats of his career, in the third and fourth quarter when you’re off-script and it’s up to YOU – 77 passer rating, 58% career completion percentage. You know what that is? The guy I keep comparing him to... Zach Wilson. But New York media never defends Zach Wilson, they call it as they see it, and as they should. I respect that. Chicago media - ‘THIS GUY DESERVES ANOTHER YEAR!’.
He is in the second half, Zach Wilson. Highlight tape, moves pretty well, good arm, but not efficient, not accurate, off-script very limited. New York media calls it the truth, the Chicago media has been protecting him and buying into this ‘WE REALLY LIKE HIM!’... Stop it! C’mon, you’re not hoisting a trophy. Caleb Williams is way, way [better than Fields]. Drake Maye, if there was no Caleb Williams, is way too talented to pass on. I don’t have a problem with him getting an offensive culture somewhere else in the league, but the Chicago thing? Stop trying to tell me something that’s not there. Efficiency late in games and the second half off-script he’s Zach Wilson. That’s what he is, the numbers don’t lie, and in the weaker NFC.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd discuss reports of a potential Justin Fields trade proposal finally coming to fruition, as Colin says he believes the Bears were never actually considering keeping Fields in favor of top QB Draft prospect Caleb Williams. 

Check out the segment above as Cowherd compares Fields to disgraced New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, saying the only difference between the two players is Fields has a Chicago media that shamelessly carries water for the third-year pro from Ohio State.

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