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Jason Whitlock on the CJ Stroud, Amber Rose Sighting: 'It's a Mistake, CJ'

Jason Whitlock: “You have to be an expert swimmer before you are prepared to be a lifeguard. You can hop in the water trying to save someone from drowning, and the next thing you know there’s two people drowning...
I get that CJ Stroud is a professed Christian, but he’s young, and I just can’t believe he’s far enough along in his journey to where he needs to be jumping in and he’s going to be a lifeguard for a 40-year-old ‘304’, period – end of story. Here’s the options as a Christian man, if we want to go with an innocent explanation... ‘He’s just giving her a ride!' 'He’s being very Christian!' Her ride left early and he’s just giving her a ride!’.... Well, he’s a multi-millionaire, he can call Uber. ‘Hey Amber, you don’t have a ride? Oh, I got a car service or Uber, let me hop on my Uber app and I’ll send you an Uber.’ She’s a celebrity, she’s got Uber herself. ‘Amber, I’ll sit out here and wait for Uber to arrive to take you so that you’re safe. When the car comes and picks you up, I’ll hop in my car and leave.’ There are many other options besides bringing a ‘304’ into your car and now you’re driving her home, she’s thirsty, she’s been through a bunch of athletes and other celebrities, she’s 40 years old...
I have great sympathy for CJ Stroud because when you wear your faith publicly like that and you’re an important asset in the entertainment industry, they’re going to send things your way to pull you to their side of the road, and men are weak when it relates to women. CJ, don’t even create the appearance because now you’ve let the other sharks know ‘oh, there’s an opportunity here.’ You think Brittany Renner isn’t somewhere sitting around going ‘AMBER ROSE? I’M A BETTER 304 THAN AMBER ROSE! I’M TEN YEARS YOUNGER!’... He’s sent out a bat signal: ‘304s, HOP IN MY DM’S, I'M THE CHRISTIAN THAT IS GOING TO TRY TO SAVE YOU!’...
It’s a mistake, CJ. It calls into question all these young people that are looking up to you. It’s very dangerous, and I tell guys all the time that the only way to really protect yourself is don’t put yourself in harm’s way. You can think you’re as strong as you want to be, but you’re really not that strong. You’re just one bad decision away from having a relapse.
CJ Stroud doesn’t realize what he just did. The next time he stands up after a game and starts professing Jesus Christ, people are going to hear that and go ‘DIDN’T I JUST SEE YOU WITH AMBER ROSE?? A 40-YEAR-OLD 304??... ‘And YOU’RE the guy professing Jesus??’ I'm not saying that’s a fair attack, but that’s what’s going to happen, and that’s why you were put into that position. So you can be silenced and ignored and called a hypocrite. CJ, or whoever is mentoring CJ, help a brother out. Not in your car. You want to minister her at the softball game? Have at it. Leaving the event with her right after spending the Super Bowl with the Kardashians? Not the look you want.”  

Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless discussed the viral recent sighting of Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud and socialite Amber Rose leaving together from Travis Scott’s celebrity softball game in Houston last week, and warned the 22-year-old of making himself vulnerable to unbecoming, high-profile dating rumors. 

Rumors of the two dating immediately made the rounds on social media all week, as video captured Stroud and Rose leaving Minute Maid Park and getting into the same car together. Rose later said Stroud was just ‘being a gentleman’ and giving her a ride to her hotel after Rose’s ride apparently left her stranded at the field. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock briefs Stroud, an outspoken Christian, on the dangers of putting himself into that type of situation, fearing that Stroud’s credibility within the faith-based community could be compromised.

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