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Jason Whitlock: Are Steroids LeBron's Dirty Little Secret to Longevity?

Jason Whitlock: “LeBron James is in some big trouble. BIG TROUBLE. He doesn’t see it yet, his handlers are starting to put out fires, but eventually LeBron James, his handlers, and the LeBron groupies are going to have to deal with what Kevin Garnett did to LeBron James. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were speculating about LeBron James using steroids:  

Paul Pierce: “Bronny can get a bucket on Bron.”

Kevin Garnett: “No, no, no he can’t.”

Pierce: “Man, c’mon, that little dude is explosive.” 

KG: “He is, but have you seen his dad? His dad is on that BALCO, he’s on that new juice.” 

‘His dad is on that BALCO, he’s on that new juice.’ Kevin Garnett has given [LeBron critics] the excuse and the ammo they need to play the card they’ve been holding back this entire time that many people in the sports world have been speculating about privately for a long time – that LeBron James is no different from Lance Armstrong, no different from Barry Bonds, no different than Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, no different than any of the rest of these athletes that have been chasing immortality, fame, and great wealth by any means necessary. The ‘steroid card’, the ‘juice card’, has been played on LeBron James, and the media is trying to ignore it – we don’t ignore anything over here at Fearless. 
Why would Kevin Garnett do this? Why now? Jealously, hate – I don’t think that’s it. What people are not going to tolerate, what other athletes are not going to tolerate, is someone being placed on a pedestal when the athletes are aware of ‘hey, man, I’m not sure he deserves this pedestal.' This pedestal he’s placed on -- it works for this media personality, that media personality, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, TNT, the guys over at ESPN, Stephen A. Smith... They all gotta participate in it because their networks are tied into the NBA, and are in business relationships with the NBA. The LeBron James myth as the ‘greatest player of all time’, that works for those networks. But those athletes who have started their own podcast, they have independent wealth, they have ‘F U money’ -- they’ve got more wiggle room and freedom. Whether LeBron James is seen as the greatest of all time or not doesn’t mean anything to them.
When you think about who is the greatest player, who hates LeBron James, and has a competition with LeBron James, it’s Paul Pierce, who is Kevin Garnett’s long-time teammate, and clearly close friends with Paul Pierce. Pierce can’t take this ‘BALCO’ shot, but Kevin Garnett can, and so Kevin Garnett did. A lot of former players all grew up loving and worshiping Michael Jordan. A lot of former players know its ridiculous to try and put LeBron on the same level as Michael Jordan. LeBron is breaking all of these records and in this position not because of his great skill, but because physical blessings that many of them believe have been enhanced through chemical blessings. That’s where the steroid card is being played. 
Here’s what Chael Sonnen -- who used to have the same trainer [as LeBron], and everybody knows Chael Sonnen has used performance-enhancing drugs – has been saying previously about LeBron James and his whole take on performance-enhancing drugs: 

Chael Sonnen: “If the world understood what LeBron did. Like, other basketball players will hear what LeBron does and go ‘well, that doesn’t matter!’... No, no, if you knew what these performance-enhancers did, then you would know why it DOES matter.” 

Interviewer: “What do you think he [LeBron James] is on?” 

Chael Sonnen: “We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he’s doing.” 

Interviewer: “Please tell.” 

Chael Sonnen: “I’m not going to, but there’s only one golfer that follows the ‘big three’. The ‘big three’ is EPO, growth hormone, testosterone. That’s the Lance Armstrong diet. There’s ONE golfer, it’s Tiger Woods. EPO matters, it’s the reason LeBron takes it. EPO increases your red blood cells which gives you endurance so you can play all game long. You can shoot in the fourth quarter just like you shot in the first. It’s the king of performance-enhancers.” 

That’s Chael Sonnen. Write him off, he’s a blow-hard, he’s an MMA guy, maybe he hates LeBron... It doesn’t sound like that to me, it just sounds like a guy that’s informed and knows what athletes do to make this money, to extend their careers, and play at a high level. 
I’ve covered sports for a long time. The only person that has played at a high level at the age LeBron is playing at is Tom Brady, but if someone told me that Tom Brady used EPO to his extend his career, it wouldn’t shock me at all. There’s too much money involved in sports for these guys to play it straight. Most sports fans don’t care. When you dump more and more money into ANYTHING, what you’re dumping in is more corruption.
What I don’t like is what it does to the legacies and the accomplishments of the generations that proceeded these guys, and this whole myth that everything is so much better now, and these athletes are so much better than the athletes of the past. 
People like myself have to be eliminated from corporate media, and people like Stephen A. Smith have to be installed. People who are comfortable lying, going along with the lies, promoting the lies, profiting the lies, have to be installed to talk abut these very scripted sports events. I’m not saying the outcomes are all scripted, but the corruption is just built in. If you want to have the argument ‘is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?’, at some point, I’m going to say ‘well, in this era where the players basically have legalized steroids, how can you compare it to Michael Jordan?’
They don’t want that conversation to happen so they hire people, and install people, and place people who will never say that. Everything you’re watching on corporate television, and what’s popular over YouTube and social media, it’s all controlled and scripted narratives. They all know what they have to say. They all know who the ‘untouchables’ are. There are too many people running around independently, people like Kevin Garnett who have ‘F U’ money, who are eventually going to say ‘I’m not going along with this script, you know what I can say that’s controversial? The TRUTH.’ What Kevin Garnett is saying is ‘man, we had some juice that was good, but he on that new BALCO, he on that new stuff.’ That’s what Kevin Garnett is saying. I’m shocked and amazed that all of the media is being allowed to ignore what Kevin Garnett is saying here, but I’m really not because it’s a script, and they’re all in on it."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless discuss a controversial recent podcast segment from former NBA stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce that went viral this week after Garnett said LeBron James was ‘on that BALCO’ and ‘on that new juice’ when discussing whether LeBron’s son Bronny could score on the 39-year-old. 

Even though the scathing implication can potentially be glossed over as perhaps a tongue-in-cheek exaggeration and trolling, Whitlock says he’s not willing to give James the benefit of the doubt since it’s not the first time James’ name has been linked to doping. 

James’ former trainer was implicated in the infamous Biogenesis doping scandal in 2013, and just last year former MMA star and admitted PED user Chael Sonnen said he and LeBron share the same ‘drug doctor’. Sonnen went so far to say that LeBron is taking EPO, a performance-enhancing drug that disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong notoriously took to win seven Tour De France titles before later being stripped of all them when it was revealed he had taken the illegal drug. EPO greatly boosts red blood production and allows athletes to produce at peak performance levels for long periods of time without much drop-off.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says the ‘steroid card’ will soon be the equivalent of the ‘six championships’ card that Michael Jordan fans use when debating who the ‘greatest NBA player of all time' is, and adds that the increase in podcasts showcasing former players having unadulterated conversations on their sport may shed more light on PED issues that Whitlock says the ‘LeBron groupies’ in corporate media are too scared to talk about.

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