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Jason Whitlock Says 'Jealous' WNBA Players Will Try to Devour Caitlin Clark

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Jason Whitlock: “Caitlin Clark, ‘Show White’ as I’ve called her, moves the needle. From merchandise, to attendance, to what you can charge for tickets, to television ratings -- Caitlin Clark matters. ESPN is about to put out a special magazine all about Caitlin Clark. That doesn’t exist any place else. There’s nobody in the NBA, including LeBron James, that you can put out a magazine just dedicated to them, and have anybody go out in big numbers to buy it. Caitlin Clark is the biggest deal in all of sports, man or woman. She's the Tiger Woods of women’s basketball, she’s the star of this NCAA Tournament.
Ice Cube’s offer makes brilliant sense. They will change the rules to make this make sense and the players will go along with it. All this is -- just like anything else on TV -- is just a television show, and right now Caitlin Clark is the greatest actor in sports. She’s a better actor than Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout; she’s better than all of them. She’s box office. People wanna see ‘Show White.’ Ice Cube and the Big3 will figure out a way for her to do this safely and they will figure out a way for the players to go along with it because she’ll make more money for all of them. 
But jealousy and envy, which is always the case, has reared its ugly head. Here was Lexie Brown, who I think played college basketball at Duke, she plays for the LA Sparks, no one knows who she is, but she went on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast. Here is Lexie Brown being upset with Ice Cube, the Big3, and questioning the offer: 
“I think he’s trying to make a business decision, which he’s a businessman, that makes sense, but to mask it in this ‘I want to uplift and support WNBA players and women’s athletes’ is kind of a cop-out. It doesn’t really make any sense. I’m not a hater, this has nothing to do with Caitlin Clark. If he offered this to any college player, it would have been like, ‘why?’ But because he’s offering her $5 million, that’s a better business decision than the WNBA wanting her to come play for the WNBA and be locked into the W. That’s not a better business decision for us. We want her to come to the W where she will be celebrated, embraced, and uplifted. Nothing is going to be easy, it’s going to be competitive, but we’re waiting for her. For us to get constantly sh*t on, like you can’t even acknowledge the growth and how amazing the WNBA is doing because sh*t like this happens."
There are just some women who can’t be pleased no matter what. You can go an hour, you can go two hours, you can do things you’ve never done before... Not satisfied. NEVER satisfied. We’ve never had an American women’s basketball player offered $5 million, $4 million, $3 million, $2 million, $1 million to play basketball here in the States. And this woman has found a way to be offended by it? Can’t be satisfied, it doesn’t matter what you do.
This is a great opening opportunity for American women’s basketball players. Caitlin Clark can drag all of these angry women to the financial Promised Land that they’ve been begging for. If Lexie Brown was smart she’d be saying ‘AWESOME CUBE! NOW, WNBA, WHAT’S YOUR COUNTER? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? SOMEONE IS OFFERING TO PAY CAITLIN CLARK $5 TO PLAY IN THE BIG3!’... I think Lexie Brown makes only $80,000. Ice Cube is elevating the market for all women’s basketball players, but Lexie Brown is upset?
Lexie Brown says the WNBA is ‘waiting’ on Caitlin Clark. She’s says they’re going to ‘uplift her’ and ‘celebrate her’... Really? When is that going to start? She’s lying. The Alphabet Mafia [LGBTQ] in the WNBA is waiting to devour Caitlin Clark with jealousy, envy, and hate. She’s going to be mistreated in the WNBA, everybody knows it. And ‘I would have said this about anybody in the college game’... No you wouldn’t. You’re saying this because she’s White. You don’t like ‘Show White’. You’re jealous of her. That’s why Sheryl Swoopes attacked her. That’s why everybody is attacking her.
Nobody is ‘celebrating’ Caitlin Clark out there the way she should be celebrated. You’re doing that exact same thing that happened to Tiger Woods when he started dominating golf. Remember Fuzzy Zoeller? That’s who you are. When Tiger Woods won the 1997 Masters, put a clown suit on everybody, took golf to new heights, and made money rain on everybody in golf, there were idiots who were jealous and envious, and giving into their racial bias telling Tiger Woods ‘what are you going to serve at the Champions Dinner – fried chicken and collared greens??’ That’s going to be the next thing out of somebody’s mouth. ‘CAITLIN CLARK, DON’T BRING NO POTATO SALAD WITH RAISINS IN IT!’... That will be their next statement.
‘We’re going to celebrate her and uplift her in the NBA’... No, you’re not. You’re going to try to strip her of all of her skills and accomplishments. You’re going to try to destroy her reputation, and then you’re going to try to recruit her to the Alphabet Mafia. That’s what’s going to happen in the WNBA. Caitlin Clark needs to take this $5 million, and about ten other women need to join her and take $250,000 checks to go play in the Big3 in a remade league that will have rules that will protect Caitlin Clark’s safety and allow her to participate. I don’t care what it looks like, it’s just a TV show. It will work. People are infatuated with Caitlin Clark. Putting her on the court with a couple guy teammates in a 3-on-3 game is a way to make people pay attention to women’s basketball players. This idea of Ice Cube’s and his sponsor could be dynamite.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless call out the ‘jealous’ Caitlin Clark critics who took exception to the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball superstar being offered a $5 million contract by Ice Cube’s ‘Big3’ men’s basketball league to appear in ten games this season. 

News of the lucrative deal was one of the biggest stories in the United States this week, with some lauding the offer as a landmark moment for women’s sports, but others -- especially current WNBA players – seeming to be offended by it. 

Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexie Brown went on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast this week to blast the contract, saying it’s disrespectful to the WNBA players already in the league, and may undermine the WNBA as a whole by having Clark star as a separate entity. 

Whitlock called out Brown for failing to realize that Clark’s booming marketability in these sorts of side hustles will only ‘drag these angry WNBA women to the financial Promised Land that they’ve been begging for’, and added that WNBA players are simply jealous of Clark because the current face of women's basketball is a White heterosexual girl playing at almost completely all-White Iowa.

Checking out the segment above as Whitlock explains why he thinks WNBA players will try to 'devour' Clark next season.

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