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Nick Wright: The Nuggets Don't Want to See the Lakers in the Playoffs

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Nick Wright: “Can I throw a pretty ridiculous, but I think it’s correct NBA take at you?” 
Colin Cowherd: “Absolutely, I love these!”
Wright: “Even though they’re the nine seed, the Lakers appear to me to have the most upside. Everyone’s healthy, everything clicks, all of it—but they can’t beat Denver. The Lakers should want Denver in round 1. If you have to beat them no matter what, you want them in round two? When you just went six or seven with Minnesota or OKC and they swept whoever they were playing? You want them in round three when the games are every other day? Or do you want them in round one when there’s two and three days between games at times, LeBron and AD can both play 44 minutes, you are as fresh as you’re going to be at any point, and will try to knock Denver off before they really hit their stride?” 

Watch Nick Wright of FS1’s First Things First join Colin Cowherd’s The Volume podcast to explain why the Los Angeles Lakers should want to play the Denver Nuggets in the first round despite the top-seeded Nuggets looking like the Western Conference’s scariest team.

The Nuggets are coming off a first round sweep of the Lakers last season and swept their regular season series 3-0 this year vs. Los Angeles, but Wright says the first round would be the ideal spot to play Denver when Los Angeles is still fresh and before Denver really hits their stride. 

Check out the segment above as Wright believes the Lakers could finally conquer Mount Nikola if they have a completely healthy LeBron James and Anthony Davis, explaining how the first round of the NBA Playoffs has the most off days of any other postseason round, and how that could greatly benefit Los Angeles.

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