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Colin Cowherd Mocks and Downplays Shohei Ohtani’s Gambling Controversy

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Colin Cowherd: “I grew up in Washington State. Everybody smoked pot. My mailman, my neighbors, my principle... I’ve never been outraged by cannabis. I smoked it too. I mean, briefly, maybe once or twice. Long before Presidents were comfortable, I was. This is what the grey hair has given me. People are going to bet on sports, smoke pot, have sex, and drink. You’re completely naive if you think you can govern it. It’s the way it works in America. We like our liberties and our freedoms.
Shohei Ohtani is in some trouble and I’m not denying it’s a mess for the Dodgers and Major League Baseball. The story is that money came out of his bank account -- $4.5 million. First it was ‘he gave it to his interpreter’, then it was ‘HE WAS RIPPED OFF FROM HIS INTERPRETER!’... It sounds a little shady and like a cover-up. Probably is, but as long as he didn’t bet on Major League Baseball and simply bet on other things at an ‘illegal bookmaker in Southern California’, why am I not outraged? Because I have grey hair and have lived a life. There are thousands of illegal bookmakers in California. You can’t bet legally in most parts because of politicians and red tape. Shocker, politicians get in the way of fun again be it sex, smoking a joint, drinking... This is built for conspiracy theories.
My guess it two young kids, Ohtani and his interpreter, are best friends, there’s a lot of downtime, they’ve got a lot of money, and they bet. I don’t know what happened but I’m not as outraged as I probably should be as long as Ohtani did not bet on Major League Baseball. In baseball, you cannot bet on a baseball game or with an illegal bookie, but you can bet on everything else. This was an ‘illegal bookie’ and they’re all over Southern California. I’m not outraged by them either. Rumor has it that I once used one... Once. I guess I’m not as outraged by things as I should be. I’m disgusted when people cheat on their husbands or wives – I think less of you. It’s not illegal. Sports gambling was formerly ‘illegal’. Sure it was. Not in Nevada. Not in Atlantic City. It’s now an investment opportunity by sports owners and lawmakers. It pays for schools and funds in your district.
Ohtani and his friend bet I’m guessing on some sports. Hopefully not baseball, then it’s a different opinion. But I grew up in a state with pot everywhere and then I got a job at a college in Vegas. You’re not going to make me outraged by the stuff you’re outraged by. I’m outraged by lobbyists, I’m outraged by infidelity, not by going seven miles per hour over the speed limit, or having ‘Tony’, a buddy at the track, lay down $20 for you. I’m sorry, it’s a mess – I’m not denying it, it’s bad for baseball, it’s a bad look for Ohtani, but if he did not bet on baseball? Ehh.
Everybody is outraged all the time and I know I’m supposed to be OUTRAGED today. If Ohtani didn’t bet on baseball, it’s a bad look, it’s a PR mess, it’s kind of ugly, but I don’t think less of Ohtani, or the Dodgers, or baseball. People do a lot of things you don’t know about. That’s why we need a CIA, an FBI, and governing bodies on Wall Street. Even radio and TV – FCC.
I get it, go ahead and scream at me, yell at me... I may just to bother you go home, smoke a joint, and bet on a sports game illegally tonight just to tick you off.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1's The Herd discuss the sketchy developing news around Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani and his now-fired interpreter who have taken the news cycle by storm when reports surfaced that $4.5 million in wire payments from Ohtani's bank account had been made to an illegal California bookmaking operation currently under federal investigation. 

The interpreter told ESPN Thursday that he had asked Ohtani to repay his gambling debts for him and that Ohtani himself transferred them to the bookie, but hours later Ohtani’s PR firm pushed back on those assertions and said that Ohtani was actually the victim of theft. 

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why he’s not as ‘outraged’ by this story as the rest of the mainstream media.

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