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Jason Whitlock: Anti-White Racism Could Cost Caitlin Clark a Championship

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Jason Whitlock: “I'm going to irritate a lot of people with this one but it's the truth... 
D.E.I. is the biggest threat facing Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes in the NCAA Tournament. It's not Angel Reese, or Juju Watkins, or even Dawn Staley's undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks, it's ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion', the allegedly ‘anti-racist’ brainwashing policies and mindset that rule academia.
D.E.I. persuaded the 12-member NCAA selection committee to hand Clark and the Hawkeyes the most difficult Final Four path in women's basketball. The committee placed Clark in the same bracket as Kansas State, UCLA, and LSU, giving the second-ranked Hawkeyes the most difficult draw of the tournament. Iowa has played Kansas State twice this year and three times in the past two seasons. The Hawkeyes have lost two of those three games. The four-seeded Wildcats feature arguably the best post player in the country in 6'6” senior Ayoka Lee. Iowa and Kansas State will likely meet in the Sweet Sixteen. If the Hawkeyes somehow get past KSU, there's a good chance UCLA’s 6'7” Lauren Betts, or LSU and Angel Reese will await them in the Elite 8. LSU is the defending national champion, and the Tigers beat Iowa in last year's title game. The Hawkeyes struggle with size and physical play. The selection committee stacked Iowa's region with big, physical teams. This makes zero sense unless you understand ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ 
Why is it important for Clark and Iowa to advance to the Final Four? It's obvious but I'll explain... Clark has single-handedly carried women's college hoops to a place of unprecedented relevance and importance. She's the Tiger Woods of women's basketball. She's must-see TV. Television ratings for women's basketball have skyrocketed this year as Clark has chased scoring records and performed a female impersonation of Steph Curry. If Clark, Angel Reese, USC freshman sensation Juju Watkins, and coach Dawn Staley's South Carolina squad all reach the Final Four, the women's Final Four would likely draw a bigger audience than the men's tournament. If Clark fails to reach the Final Four the audience and relevance are cut in half, if not more. 
The selection committee should have drawn up brackets that made ‘dream teams Final Four’ a possibility. That SHOULD be a possibility, but instead they focused on ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’, which is just a fancy configuration of words that means ‘punish White people.’ Yes, Caitlin Clark as you know is White. Her coach Lisa Bluder, she's White also. Most of Clark's teammates are White. Iowa is seen as the White Cinderella of women's college basketball. Liberal sports fans prefer Staley and/or Reese over Clark. They don't want Cinderella making it back to the ball. 
USA Today published a piece about the importance of ‘Black players being the face of women's college basketball.’ A White woman wrote the article. You cannot rise as an administrator in women's college athletics without being a devout liberal and proponent of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion.’ You can't rise virtually anywhere in corporate America without being a proponent of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ but it is even more true in academia. On these college campuses, you can't get a position of authority, of oversight, of managing people without being a leader in the ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ movement. 
The women's selection committee is a confederacy of D.E.I.-believing liberals. It's a group of athletic directors and deputy athletics directors who promote D.E.I. They demonstrate their anti-racism by being racist against White people. That's what D.E.I. does. That's how Iowa received the toughest draw in the tournament. The well-intended selection committee bent over backwards proving it did not favor Clark and Iowa. It did that by punishing Clark and Iowa.  
See how D.E.I. works? They would rather the women's tournament underachieve in terms of relevance than risk giving Iowa an easy path to the Final Four. Giving Iowa an easy path to the Final Four is what makes the most sense for women's college basketball. They should be tilting the scales in favor of Iowa. They have one shot here, Caitlin Clark is leaving for the WNBA -- foolishly in my opinion -- after this season. Women's college hoops has got one chance to cash in on Caitlin Clark and this whole phenomenon she set off. Yeah, she advanced to the championship game a year ago but that run caught the public by surprise. We had barely heard of Clark last season. This year she's been the biggest star in all of college athletics. She's 1979 Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rolled into a female package. Do you remember the magic that Bird and Magic created that carried on into the NBA? Women’s college hoops has that in Caitlin Clark. They could do what Larry and Magic did for college basketball, and the NBA, and for men’s basketball. Do you know what a mess the NBA was before Magic and Larry? UCLA was a nice little story with all those titles and John Wooden, but Larry and Magic took that thing to the next level. That’s what Caitlin Clark could do. 
It would be an absolute tragedy if Caitlin Clark does not make the Final Four. Most of women's college basketball's establishment is rooting against Caitlin Clark, they're hardcore leftists. Clark is the wrong color. She's heterosexual. They have to root against what's in the best interest of the sport to stay loyal to their destructive ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ agenda. Many of the referees that will be officiating the women's games, they're slaves to D.E.I. too. if I had to bet, Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes will get bounced from the tournament before the Final Four.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain his theory on why he believes anti-White ‘racism’ will ultimately doom Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes in the upcoming NCAA Women’s Tournament, with Whitlock linking Iowa’s strangely challenging bracket to a ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’-charged selection committee who is uncomfortable with the sport’s biggest star being a White heterosexual woman.

The selection committee awarded Iowa one of the four number one seeds, but also gave them the most daunting path to the Final Four. If seeding holds, Clark and the Hawkeyes will play no. 4 seed Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen. The Wildcats boast 6'6" center Ayoka Lee, who has the women's NCAA record for most points in a game with 61. Iowa plays a small-ball lineup with their biggest forward, Hannah Stuelke, only being 6'2".

If Iowa manages to get past Kansas State, they'll likely run into either UCLA or LSU, who feature two frontcourt powerhouses in Angel Reese of LSU and Lauren Betts of UCLA. Betts is a 6'7" center averaging 9.0 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game, while Reese is a 6'3" All-American forward averaging 19.0 points and 13.1 rebounds, the later being the second-most in the nation. LSU defeated Iowa in last year's National Championship game. And that's just to get to the Final Four where undefeated South Carolina will likely await.

All three potential Albany regional opponents of Iowa boast some of the biggest teams in the field with size being the one flaw of Iowa. Whitlock believes this isn’t just a coincidence or bad luck from a nightmare draw.

Whitlock thinks Iowa’s bracket minefield can be blamed on ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ run amok, saying the committee blew a chance at getting Clark, Reese, and Dawn Staley’s South Carolina team in the same Final Four again because of the anti-White bigotry towards Clark. 

Last week, USA Today published a polarizing article that proclaimed that the future faces of women’s college basketball ‘need to be Black’, with Whitlock believing it was an anti-Clark dog whistle. That came two weeks after former WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes took potshots at Clark’s college career, erroneously claiming that Clark only broke the NCAA’s all-time scoring record because she used her fifth-year COVID waiver, an obvious falsehood, as Clark is playing in her fourth collegiate season. Swoopes also undermined Clark's record, saying Clark takes ‘40 shots a game’, which is also untrue, as Clark is averaging exactly half that amount for her career.

Swoopes later defended herself from the backlash she received from people accusing her of racism against Clark, proclaiming 'Black people can't be racist'. Whitlock would go on to blast Swoopes, calling her a 'dumb jock' and 'bigoted dope'.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says Iowa and Caitlin Clark fans should be worried going into this week’s Women’s Tournament that the deck is going to be stacked against Clark, saying the powers that be want the 'White team' out of the spotlight.

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