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Jason Whitlock Calls Sheryl Swoopes a 'Dumb Jock' After Caitlin Clark Diss

Former WNBA player Sheryl Swoops when asked about Caitlin Clark’s college career and her WNBA potential: “Yes, records are made and set to be broken, but if you’re going to break a record, if it’s legitimate, you have to break that record in the same amount of time that that player set it in. So if Kelsey Plum set that record in four years, well then Caitlin Clark should have broken that record in four years. But because of ‘COVID’ year, there’s another year... So she’s already had an extra year to break that record, so is it truly a broken record? I don’t think so. They’ll say ‘DAMN, SHE WAS KILLING ‘EM!’... But you have a 25-year-old playing against a 20-year-old. Like, you SHOULD be killing them because you’ve been doing it a lot longer than they have. Caitlin Clark right now probably takes about 40 shots a game. When she comes to the league, regardless of what team she goes to that has vets on that team, she probably ain’t going to get 40 shots a game.” 

Swoopes responding to the blowback she received for her comments regarding Clark: "For people to come at me and say that I made those comments because I'm a 'racist', like, first of all, Black people can't be racist. Like, that's the farthest thing from my mind. I grew up in a very small west Texas town, predominantly White. My best childhood friend is White. Went to a predominantly White college, won a national championship, pretty much everyone on the team was White -- we're sisters to this day. That's not a part of my DNA.

For me, it's very important though that, like I'm a Black woman, so it's important for me that I speak up for people that look like me. It's Black History Month, like our ancestors fought and died for us to have opportunities that we have today, so anytime I have an opportunity to, obviously, be on the podcast, or anything where I feel like it's important for me to speak up and show support, that's what I want to do.

I have no issues with Caitlin. Her breaking the record is obviously a tremendous accomplishment, although we can get into that discussion also because there's a big debate on Lynnette Woodard having the actual record. But what Caitlin has done, not just for college basketball, but for women's basketball, period, has been great. The following, people watching the games, sellouts that we haven't seen ever.

It really bothers me though when people just take bits and pieces of what they want to take and they don't listen to everything, and you don't hear everything, because I do remember me saying that Caitlin, to me, could be the best college shooter I have ever seen. So I don't have any hard feelings towards Caitlin. My thing is, when you put these expectations on these young women in college to go to the next level and be immediately dominant, and when that doesn't happen, then people come back and say 'she was a bust, she was a flop, she wasn't that good.' Just let them do what they're doing in college, enjoy what they're doing in college, and let them become stars in the WNBA. It's not about me liking you, not liking you, me hating on you. To every single person on social media that held it down for me, that was like 'oh, no, we're not doing this', like I got mad love and respect for all of them showing up, showing out, and making sure that I was good, because people were checking on me. I am very appreciative of that."

Jason Whitlock: “Sheryl Swoopes, she’s a dumb jock. If you doubt me, watch the three-minute video of Swoopes attempt to explain away the ridiculous attack she unleashed three weeks ago on record-breaking Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark. 
Swoopes made herself the victim. ‘I WANNA THANK EVERYBODY WHO WAS LOOKING OUT FOR ME TO MAKE SURE I WAS OKAY!’... Sheryl Swoops did something very aggressive and took a potshot. I want to give you all the context so you can understand that three-minute diatribe of gobbledygook. The other way she moved the goalpost is like, we’ve got a cake baked for Caitlin Clark when she joins the WNBA. That super-strong, angry lesbian culture is going to destroy Caitlin Clark when she gets to the WNBA. ‘
GREAT COLLEGE CAREER, SHE’S A GREAT SHOOTER! BUT THAT AIN’T GOING TO WORK IN THE WNBA! I WAS LOOKING OUT FOR HER BECAUSE WHEN SHE GETS TO THE WNBA, THEY’RE GOING TO CALL HER A FLOP!’... And that’s because they’re planning on destroying Caitlin Clark when she gets to the WNBA. When Clark was on the brink of establishing a new scoring standard for women’s basketball, Swoopes, a Hall of Fame player, blasted Caitlin Clark on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast three weeks ago. Swoopes alleged that Clark is only setting the new standard because she played five years, is 25 years old, and shoots 40 times a game. None of Swoopes’ allegations were true. Clark is 22, she’s completed her fourth season at Iowa, and over the course of her career, she averages about 20 shots per game.
Caitlin Clark is White. Swoopes, as you can see, is Black. Swoopes’ original critique was so off-base that many concluded racial bias and jealousy contributed to Swoopes’ ignorant claims. Then Swoopes’ circles back to Gilbert Arenas’ podcast to defend herself from the charges of ‘racism’. Swoopes left little doubt that she’s ignorant. Her comments were ridiculous. This is comical. Her clarification was every bit as dumb and problematic as her original criticism of Caitlin Clark.
Swoopes is 52. She thinks, talks, and acts like an 18-year-old college freshman. When Swoopes was an impressionable teenager, someone she thought was smart likely told her ‘BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T BE RACIST BECAUSE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NO POWER TO OPPRESS WHITE PEOPLE!’... Swoopes swallowed that lie years ago and has never been forced to spit the lie out because corporate media, academia, and the so-called ‘Black church’ reinforced the lie every chance they get.
Swoops suffers from idolatry. She’s made her skin color an idol. That’s why in that podcast interview, she’s wearing a t-shirt that stated ‘I AM BLACK HISTORY.’ Race is her idol. No different from White KKK members who have made their skin their idol. People who make race their idol have no problem mistreating people who don’t look like them. It’s silly to argue Black people are incapable of allowing racial idolatry to rule them. Are people with dark skin incapable of idolatry? Are we superior to people of a different hue? And if we think we’re superior, wouldn’t that make us racist? Wouldn’t that make us prone to diminish the accomplishments of a White girl like Caitlin Clark?
Of the many lies American Blacks have swallowed, the most damaging one is the lie that we possess no power and no agency in our own lives. It’s a lie founded in the belief that what happens to us is far more important than what we do. That’s how you convince people to do less and look to others to do more. At her core, Sheryl Swoopes believes what she does does not matter.
So what if she said a bunch of ridiculous things about Caitlin Clark, Swoopes is a history-making Black queen! She's above accountability! She owes no apologies! She’s free to adopt the attitudes, behaviors, and excuses of White bigots, because her bigotry is inconsequential and/or justified! Her ancestors were mistreated, she’s earned the privilege to mistreat others! Like a lot of dumb jocks, she’s immersed in the worship of the Black matriarchy."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless rip former WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes for a failed apology she was apparently attempting to give to Iowa women's basketball star Caitlin Clark three weeks after Swoopes made bizarre controversial comments about Clark that were categorically untrue.

Swoopes, who won three MVPs in the WNBA in a Hall of Fame career that spanned from 1997-2011, said on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast that Clark’s pursuit of the women’s all-time scoring record wasn’t ‘legitimate’ because Clark had the advantage of having an extra season of college due to Clark using her COVID waiver, and thus playing in more games than the previous all-time scoring leader Kelsey Plum. Swoopes said Clark was dominating her opponents because she’s a ‘25-year-old playing against 20-year-olds', and then claimed that Clark takes ‘40 shots a game.’

What Swoopes failed to realize is that Clark is playing in her fourth season at Iowa and has never used her COVID waiver, which was universally granted to all NCAA athletes as an extra year of eligibility that may have been wasted or tainted by the season played during the COVID pandemic in 2021. It's effectively allowed any college player whose career spanned through 2021 to have five seasons of eligibility instead of the usual four. Clark could have potentially used her COVID waiver and played a fifth season at Iowa next season, but her scoring record was broken in under four seasons, and thus should be 'legitimate' according to Swoopes' own standards.

Clark just turned 22 in January and is not ‘25’ like Swoopes falsely claimed. Clark broke Plum’s record in 126 games, compared to Plum setting the previous record in 139 games, and despite Swoopes saying Clark takes ‘40 shots a game’, Clark is averaging 19.9 field goal attempts during her four years at Iowa.

The comments became even more polarizing when many on social media suggested that Swoopes' comments had racial undertones and perhaps Swoopes herself was 'racist.'

While making her second appearance on Arenas' podcast this week obviously in an attempt to clarify her remarks on Clark, Swoopes rebuked the 'racism' claims by saying 'Black people can't be racist', and said she grew up in a predominantly White neighborhood, and had many White friends as a child and while she was a basketball player at Texas Tech University.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock rips 'dumb jock' Swoopes for failing to back off her 'ridiculous attack' of Clark, and then trying to make herself the victim in the ordeal, and act like she's not capable of being racist.

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