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Colin Cowherd: Shedeur Sanders Isn't Good Enough to Pick Where He's Drafted

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Colin Cowherd: “Deion Sanders talks a good game and was a great player but he said something last week during a podcast that was eye-opening... He said his son Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter could ‘pull an Eli Manning’ and tell teams ‘PASS, I’M NOT INTERESTED!’...
First of all, Travis Hunter as a corner is not going to tell any team anything, you just get drafted as a corner. It’s not that crucial of a position. No corner is telling NFL teams ‘no thanks.’ Total turnoff to the league and he’ll bounce to the second or third round if that’s the side he takes.
In terms of Shedeur Sanders, I think he’s a really good college quarterback. I think you can make the argument he would be the second or third guy drafted this year. But he’s not John Elway, who is the best college quarterback prospect ever, the Manning family is like the Royal Family of American quarterbacking, and Peyton Manning was an MVP the year before that, so many saw Peyton Manning’s brother dominating and thinking ‘’WE GOT OURSELVES ANOTHER PEYTON MANNING IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!’ Shedeur Sanders is very talented, but Caleb Williams is a much better prospect than Shedeur Sanders. Caleb Williams produced 93 total touchdowns in two years with bad o-lines. Shedeur Sanders with a bad o-line had six touchdowns in his final four games. They are not close as prospects. 
It’s okay for Deion to say whatever he wants but you have to have context. Caleb is a much better prospect, Elway is the greatest prospect ever, and Mannings are different. Mannings literally end up on our network Monday Night Football games doing a telecast, it’s a different dynamic completely, and Peyton was the MVP the year before Eli was drafted, so everyone had to get his brother.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd call out Deion Sanders for acting like his son Shedeur Sanders and Colorado teammate Travis Hunter could ‘pull an Eli Manning in next year’s NFL Draft and outright refuse to play for the team who drafts them if they believe it’s not a desirable city to begin their careers in. 

Eli of course, told the San Diego Chargers before the 2004 NFL Draft that he would not sign with the team, which would later trigger a blockbuster quarterback swap involving Philip Rivers and the New York Giants. 

Check out the segment above as Colin explains how Shedeur is nowhere near the caliber of talent or enchanting reputation of Eli Manning, and also USC quarterback Caleb Williams, who has already teased the idea of picking and choosing which team he signs with after the Draft, and scoffs at the idea of a cornerback like Travis Hunter -- a paltry position of value in the NFL -- dictating where he's drafted.

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