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Jason Whitlock: 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion' Wants Caitlin Clark Gone

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Jason Whitlock: "The women's selection committee is a confederacy of D.E.I.-believing liberals. It's a group of athletic directors and deputy athletics directors who promote D.E.I. They demonstrate their anti-racism by being racist against White people. That's what D.E.I. does. That's how Iowa received the toughest draw in the tournament. The well-intended selection committee bent over backwards proving it did not favor Clark and Iowa. It did that by punishing Clark and Iowa.
These idiots don't know what they have in Caitlin Clark. These idiots are no different than Cheryl Swoopes, who said all that dumb stuff on how Caitlin Clark is ‘25’, she's ‘played for five years’, and she ‘jacks up 40 shots a game’... How do you think Cheryl Swoopes fixes her mind to say such ill-informed stuff? Because she's reflecting the mindset of all the people she's surrounded by. The women's basketball establish does not like Caitlin Clark. They want Dawn Staley to be the face of women's college basketball every season. That's ‘equity.’ No one outside of Columbia, South Carolina really cares about Dawn Staley. There are people in the media that fake like ‘OH, SHE’S THE QUEEN! SHE’S THE GREATEST!’, but ain’t nobody tuning in for Dawn Staley and that rough, physical, uncoached style of basketball that South Carolina plays. But THAT’S who the establishment wants. Dawn Staley fits the profile, Caitlin Clark doesn't. 
 This is White women, White men, and Black people. The hatred, or the jealousy, or the envy of Caitlin Clark is pervasive throughout the women's college basketball landscape, and throughout academia. She's a nice little story that they want to go away sooner rather than later. Rather than milk the benefit of her, they would rather destroy her.  
That Tournament draw makes no sense. I know many of you are like ‘WHITLOCK IS GOING TOO FAR! ANY OF THESE TEAMS SHE COULD HAVE PLAYED WOULD HAVE BEEN TOUGH!’... No, no, no. You played Kansas State twice already this season? You've played them three times in two years?? And the people that put the brackets together – ‘YEAH, YEAH, THAT WILL BE A GOOD SWEET SIXTEEN MATCH-UP FOR CAITLIN CLARK! LET’S PUT THEM IN THE SAME REGION! LET’S PUT THEM ON A COLLISION COURSE IN THE ROUND OF 16!’... Kansas State has Ayoka Lee, 6’6”, a senior at Kansas State, a hell of a force who clearly Iowa struggles against. ‘YEAH, YEAH, LET’S MATCH THEM UP IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN!’... This is lunacy and stupidity. They should be fixing things the other way, that's what's best for the sport. But they want to end the Caitlin Clark hype. 
I get that in the WNBA she gets to go play for the Indiana Fever, which is closer to Iowa and fits her personality better than if she waited next year and probably had to go out to San Francisco and play for the Golden State expansion squad. I get why she's going to the WNBA next year but I would have done everything in my power if I'm the WNBA and if I'm college basketball to get this woman to stay another year in college hoops. I would let the Indiana Fever draft her THIS year and wait for her to come next year.  
Didn't the Boston Celtics do that with Larry Bird? Didn't they own his rights before he got to the NBA? I would have cooked up something and I wouldn't care. The NBA used to do this stuff all the time. They wanted Patrick Ewing to play with the Knicks. My Pacers were in that Draft Lottery and they had the little bent card that ensured that the New York Knicks got Patrick Ewing. I was upset about it but I didn't blame the NBA. Patrick Ewing at that time was the next big thing and him going to New York made sense. They needed a strong franchise in New York. 
Caitlin Clark sticking around in women's college basketball – that's what was best and they should have paid this woman millions of dollars to stay. The television networks should have got involved, everybody should have got involved but they don't do what's in their best interest. They want Caitlin Clark to go away and they've rigged up an NCAA Tournament. The refs, they think no different than Cheryl Swoopes, and they think no different than this selection committee. They're tired of Caitlin Clark. We love her, fans love her, everybody is turning out to root for her, or against her... THEY want her gone.”

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless detail his theory on why he believes the women’s NCAA Tournament selection committee purposely gave the Iowa Hawkeyes an extremely daunting path to the Final Four, saying the ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ left-wing establishment wants Caitlin Clark’s college career over as soon as possible. 

Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes lead the NCAA in scoring but their tallest rotation player is 6’2” forward Hannah Stuelke, and Iowa’s Achilles heel has always been interior defense and rebounding. Standing directly in Iowa’s Final Four path is 6’6” Kansas State behemoth Ayoka Lee, who owns the NCAA women’s single-game scoring record of 61 points for a Wildcats team who has beaten Iowa two of the last three times they have played. If seeding holds, the Hawkeyes would face Lee and Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen.

Following that test, the undersized Hawkeyes would likely either face LSU, who ranks third in the nation in rebounding with perhaps the best all-around forward in the country in Angel Reese, or UCLA, who has 6’7” monster Lauren Betts, who is coming off a 17-point, 18-rebound game in UCLA’s Pac-12 Tournament loss to USC.

And that’s just to get to the Final Four where undefeated South Carolina will likely await. 

Whitlock believes the NCAA Tournament selection committee, smitten with ‘D.E.I.’ bias, is uncomfortable with the sport’s biggest draw being a White heterosexual woman starring on a primarily White team, and went out of their way to give Iowa the hardest road possible to the Final Four in an attempt to squash Clark’s meteoric rise.

Last week, USA Today published a polarizing article that proclaimed that the future faces of women’s college basketball ‘need to be Black’, with Whitlock believing it was an anti-Clark dog whistle. That came two weeks after former WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes took potshots at Clark’s college career, erroneously claiming that Clark only broke the NCAA’s all-time scoring record because she used her fifth-year COVID waiver, an obvious falsehood, as Clark is playing in her fourth collegiate season. Swoopes also undermined Clark's scoring record, saying Clark is a ‘25-year-old playing against 20-year-olds' even though she’s only 22, and saying that Clark launches ‘40 shots a game’, which is also untrue, as Clark is averaging 20.0 field goal attempts per game for career. 

Whitlock would go on to blast Swoopes, calling her a 'dumb jock' and 'bigoted dope'. 

Check out the segment above as Whitlock discusses the veiled hate that he believes the women’s college basketball establishment holds for Clark, adding that they’d much rather see South Carolina coach Dawn Staley be the queen of college hoops to better advance their narrative and agenda.

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