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Colin Cowherd: This Will Be Dak Prescott's Final Season in Dallas

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Colin Cowherd: “This is not a hot take... I would move off Dak Prescott after this next season. The Packers moved off Aaron Rodgers, you can move off Dak Prescott. They’ll take a cap hit in 2025 but teams have cap hits all the time. If you hit on four or five Draft picks, you get around it pretty quickly, I mean look at what Denver just did with Russell Wilson. You figure it out. You draft a quarterback second or third round, pops, BOOM, you’re fine. Dak Prescott himself was a fourth-round pick.
There is one thing that guarantees you will never win a Super Bowl in modern day football... That you have a ‘good’ quarterback and he’s paid like a ‘great’ one. Dallas is not a viable Super Bowl team. Neither was Tennessee with Ryan Tannehill, who was a ‘good’ quarterback paid like a ‘great’ one. Minnesota just made this decision to move off Kirk Cousins who is absolutely Dak statistically. Jerry Jones, to his credit, is not going to sign him early, is going to let it play out, and I would draft a quarterback somewhere this year in the second, third, or fourth round. If Michael Penix falls, I would grab him.
This is not a shot at Dak Prescott. The Rams moved off Jared Goff. He was a pretty good quarterback being paid a TON of money. Goff had been to a Super Bowl and throws a much nicer ball than Dak. He was a number one pick. Look around the league, you can’t win a Super Bowl if your quarterback is ‘pretty good’ and really expensive. Brees, Manning, Brady, Mahomes now – either taking pay cuts or constantly re-working their deal to be team-friendly. Dak was a steal his first couple years in the league, but he’s been a little bit of a lead weight the last couple years when they couldn’t make any moves the last two free agency periods, and they had needs.
Dak is 2-5 in 7 career players games, and has had one great one against the 8-9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has made a living against awful teams, of which Washington and the Giants for most of his career have been awful. He is 48-12 against teams under .500. He is way below .500 against winning teams.
This isn’t a hit on Dak, I think he fits in New England like Kirk Cousins fits in Atlanta. An adult in the room is a really good move. I think there’s an argument to be made New England trades their pick down, solves a lot of their offensive speed limitations, and then goes and gets Dak next year -- they’ll have another top pick in the top 5 too. The idea that Dallas ‘owes’ Dak? No, Dak has been overpaid. You’re paying quarterbacks based on January and February. Dak was a steal early, but you’re not getting great value anymore.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he believes this will be Dak Prescott’s final season with the Dallas Cowboys, as Colin says Prescott is now arguably the most over-priced quarterback in the league and a guy who will automatically kill any chance you had at winning a Super Bow in Dallas. 

Check out the segment above as Colin says he could see the Cowboys drafting a quarterback in the second or third round, and the Patriots trading their number three overall pick in next month’s 2024 NFL Draft, drafting non-quarterback needs, and ending up with Prescott in 2025 similar to the Falcons signing respected veteran Kirk Cousins.

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