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Victor Wembanyama Could Become the Greatest Player in NBA History

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Colin Cowherd: “I thought Wemby would get pushed around a little. Is he an All-Star next year?” 

Kevin O’Connor: “I mean, is he a top 5 player next year? We’re talking about a player in Victor Wembanyama who has a chance to be the greatest player of all time. Before last year’s draft many people considered him the greatest prospect ever and he has exceeded expectations as a rookie for the things he’s doing. Nine blocks last night? Like how soon until he has a quadruple-double? It’s inevitable, it’s going to happen; he’s already had a 5X5.
If you look at one year ago yesterday, he had the play that went viral where he missed the three and then dunked his own missed three-pointer. If you look at the rate of improvement since that moment, he shoots over 40% on pull-up threes now and he’s better defensively now than he was then. The passing is the ingredient that has probably improved more than anything else for him and it's making his teammates better.
Just imagine what Wemby is going to look like when he has a proper supporting cast. Think about how Jokic won a Finals and won an MVP once the Nuggets surrounded him with the right pieces that elevated his play, and overcame some of his own flaws. Some day that will happen with Wembanyama if the Spurs hit with their Draft picks. They could have two lottery picks this year, they have a ton of cap space, they have draft capital to move – at some point Wemby is going to have a great supporting cast and you’re going to see him become the best player in basketball for many, many years.” 

Watch Kevin O’Connell of The Ringer join The Herd with Colin Cowherd and explain why he doesn’t just think San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama is going to become one of the five best players in the league, but potentially the greatest player in NBA history. 

Check out the segment above as O’Connor compares Wemby to two-time Denver Nuggets MVP Nikola Jokic, saying the 20-year-old's career is going to hit the stratosphere the moment the Spurs surrounding hi with a formidable supporting cast like Denver did with Jokic.

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