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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Stefon Diggs Forced His Way Out of Buffalo

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Jason Whitlock: “I’m going to go back to what I said a year ago... Stefon Diggs has wanted out. He went to Buffalo to pair up with Josh Allen and to win a Superbowl, and now this will be his 10th NFL season and he don't care about winning at this point. What I told y'all a year ago was he’s like ‘man, I'm up in here in Buffalo, I came out here to win Super Bowls, we're not going to win a Super Bowl, it's cold up in here, the strip clubs aren't as good, let me get to a city where the strip clubs are off the charts, and me and my brother can hang out...’ I speculated that he wanted to get to Dallas. Well, he couldn't get to Dallas, but... 
It's been years since I've been to a strip club, but I used to be a strip club connoisseur. Houston as a ‘strip club capital -- it's got to be in the top five in the country. I'd put Miami, Vegas, Portland, Houston, and Atlanta -- those are the top five. I'm telling you; people swear by Houston strip clubs, Stefon Diggs is very happy. It's not about winning at this point, it's not about stats, he's made his money, he's gotten the big contracts, he's good. He'll want to put up some numbers, but he don't really care. He's not about that life, and this ain't about winning. 
I know that Houston is all-in. they got DeMeco Ryan, the great young coach, they got the great young quarterback, Joe Mixon, they got Danielle Hunter, who had a tremendous season last year... Houston is in win-now mode. Stefon Diggs looks good on paper, but I actually think he'll end up being the problem and could throw a banana peel for the Houston Texans, who have made a lot of moves trying to win right now. 
He got 160 targets last year in Buffalo and the least amount of targets he ever got in four seasons in Buffalo was 154, so they fed him the ball. I’m not dismissing what CJ Stroud did as a rookie, but we've seen quarterbacks have great ‘years’. Josh Allen has had a great 3,4, 5-year run, but Diggs has got to be careful what he wishes for here. He may regret abandoning Josh Allen. Not the city of Buffalo and that cold weather, but Josh Allen. Josh Allen is a better quarterback than CJ Stroud and he's more proven than CJ Stroud. This could be one of those ‘Oh, the grass is greener! They got Joe Mixon! They got Danielle Hunter! DeMeco Ryans is a hot new coach! CJ Stroud is the best young quarterback in the league, and Sean McDermott and Josh Allen don’t know what they’re doing!’ The grass isn’t always greener. CJ Stroud could take a step back, and Josh Allen is NOT going to take a step back.  
Diggs put pressure on Josh Allen and he’s going to eventually do the same thing to CJ Stroud. Right now, it’s in the honeymoon phase, but these diva wide receivers, particularly with Black quarterbacks, they can get out of pocket in terms of how entitled they feel. Think about the way Terrell Owens treated Donovan McNabb. They’re putting a controversial, polarizing, and outspoken receiver paired with their hot young quarterback, and it could blow up in their face.  
I’m saying this in all seriousness and circling back to what I said in the beginning of this. The strip club culture in Houston is going to be a problem. I’m not even trying to be funny. Stefon Diggs, his brother Trevon, they like the social life, they like to get out there and party, and have a good time. They like ‘304s’ and there’s a lot of 304’s in Houston. There are some women in Houston celebrating right now ‘HEY, WE FOUND SOMEONE TO REPLACE JAMES HARDEN HERE IN HOUSTON! I called it a year ago. The guy wanted out of Buffalo, he wanted to be in a city where he could party, and he just moved to Houston.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain his theory on why former All-Pro NFL wideout Stefon Diggs flamed out of Buffalo, and why those same motives are going to be the reason he strikes out in Houston as well.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says he thinks Diggs’ potential off-the-field interests, extra curriculars, and vices could once again doom his pursuit of winning his first Super Bowl. 

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