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Rob Parker: Stefon Diggs Trade Just Handed Jets the AFC East Division Title

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Rob Parker: “Not only are the Bills not a legitimate Super Bowl Contender, but the Buffalo Bills have done it again... They've missed ANOTHER field goal wide right! They've thrown in the white towel, they've choked on a chicken wing bone, they are DEAD to the AFC East, and they have just handed over the AFC division title to the New York Jets. Mark it down! Put it in your memory! Mark this tape when they don't win the division and when they don't make the playoffs! 
I don't know where they're going here. They’re a team that three years ago was 13 seconds away from going to the Super Bowl. To where they are now, it seems like they're going backwards.  
I get it that you have to make changes, you can't keep the same team in the NFL year after year, so I get, but even the general manager said ‘Are we better today than we were yesterday? No, we're not.’ Of course they're not, I mean, even he can’t fudge that. He’s going to sit there at a press conference and say he's ‘better’ when he got draft picks, and he don't even know who the players are? He can't say that. 
The Buffalo Bills are DEAD to the AFC East. Remember that, they are dead, D.E.A.D.” 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple explain why he believes the Buffalo Bills trading former All-Pro wide receiver Stefon Diggs just single-handedly gave the 2024 AFC East Division title to the New York Jets.

Check out the segment above as Parker says the Bills Super Bowl window is officially closed, and compares the loss of Diggs to the infamous missed 47-yard Scott Norwood field goal in Super Bowl XXV that lost the Bills the Super Bowl vs. the New York Giants in January of 1991.

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