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Colin Cowherd Says LeBron Would Leave the Lakers For This Team Next Year

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Colin Cowherd: “Klay Thompson 0/10, Andrew Wiggins hasn’t been the same player the last couple years, Chris Paul didn’t show up, Trayce Jackson-Davis had to be pulled from the floor... Draymond Green I would keep but Steph Curry needs someone next to him that can score 27-28 points a night, minimum.
He’s not going to get Luka, we know that. Jayson Tatum is not going to be a Warrior, we know that. Steph last night scored 22 points, the rest of the starting lineup for the Warriors scored 26 points. It is time for the ‘Big Pivot’. I’d keep Steph, I’d keep Pods, I’d keep Draymond, and I’d move everybody else. They do not have a ton of assets. Here’s what you have to cross your fingers and root for and I think it's very possible... The Clippers unravel and get beaten in like five games. Paul George has a player-option. Paul George played at Fresno State, loves California – bro, it’s an hour flight, come up north. Then, depending on how the Lakers season goes; LeBron gets frustrated with D-Lo – I would make a call to LeBron. LeBron is close with Draymond, and the one player he said he would always consider playing with is Steph Curry. I’d call LeBron, player-option Paul George up north – those moves would allow you to keep Moses Moody, Jonathan Kuminga, and the young center from Indiana; you can keep those.
The Warriors starting five last night was outscored by the Kings 104-48. They don’t have a lot of assets, I’d keep two, maybe three players, I love the coach, but Bob Meyers knew this was how it was going to end. It was going to be sad, it was going to be bumpy, and it was probably going to be Klay Thompson’s last game as a Warrior.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain his proposition on how LeBron James should map out the rest of his NBA career should the Lakers once again fail to reach the NBA Finals. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details his plan on how LeBron could revitalize the Golden State Warriors dynasty and finally play alongside long-time respected rival Steph Curry.

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