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Colin Cowherd: Why Jared Goff, Not Tua, Deserves a Contract Extension

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Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the differences in the contract extension discussions between Jared Goff and Tua Tagovailoa, with Colin saying that Goff is the only surefire quarterback he would sign to a lucrative extension. 

Watch the segment above as Colin compares Goff to a pickup truck and Tua to a ‘speedboat’, saying you always go with Goff's durability in all conditions over Tagovailoa's proven reputation of struggling to perform in wintry conditions late in the season.

Colin Cowherd: “If you ask the fans and if you ask a lot of the media, they view these [Jared Goff and Tua Tagovailoa] as ‘equal’, or Tua is better. But one of the sharpest GMs in the NFL is getting this done fast [Detroit with Goff]. The Tua thing? They’re still reluctant. Tua is a little like that Miami speedboat. It’s flashy but it’s seasonal. Jared Goff is the pickup truck – it works in all weather.
I looked it up this morning and went and found Goff and Tua in weather under 45 degrees – that is December, January, and February football... Goff has a 90-passer rating, winning record, 4-1 TD/INT ratio, and is still a very viable quarterback. Tua plummets [0-4, 54.5 completion percentage, 4/5 TD-INT, 68.2 passer rating].  
You gotta give the extensions to the guys who are all-terrain, all-weather; the pickup trucks -- December, January, and February, and that is Goff. He’s not flashy, he didn’t come with a cool slogan, he doesn’t run around a lot, everyone wishes he was a little stronger and heavier, but the job of the great GMs in basketball and football is to cut through the hype and the fandom, and get to the ‘real’, and Jared Goff is really, really good. Tua? Just depends on the weather.”

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