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Jason Whitlock: Why Caitlin Clark is the Modern-Day Jackie Robinson

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Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he thinks the challenges of Caitlin Clark’s introduction into the WNBA are even more difficult in many facets than the struggles Jackie Robinson faced while he integrated Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947.

Check out the segment below as Whitlock documents Clark’s plight against a tidal wave of ‘angry feminists and racists’ who want to destroy her career, detailing why the ‘mental health challenges’ Clark faces are even more strenuous than Robinson’s, and adding that a ‘woke’ media would love nothing more than to contribute to Clark’s fall from grace.

Jason Whitlock: “Today’s show should come with a trigger warning. I’m going to trigger leftists, I’m going to trigger Black racists, I’m going to trigger all the people that think it’s their job to my police my thoughts and the thoughts of others. I’ve got a comparison today that is going to blow people’s minds. I’m going to compare Caitlin Clark to Jackie Robinson. I LOVE when I trigger people, and particularly when I’m not triggering them with just clickbait, I’m triggering them with a profound thought. I’m going to give you a whole new way to think about Caitlin Clark. In many respects, the obstacle course confronting Caitlin Clark in the WNBA is more difficult than the path Jackie Robinson traveled integrating Major League Baseball in 1947. 
Let me clarify that statement. Jackie Robinson had good reason to fear for his physical safety and to fear for his life. He traveled the country with the Brooklyn Dodgers during an era of enforced segregation and public anti-Black racial hostility. He received numerous CREDIBLE death threats. He was not Bubba Wallace, he was not Jussie Smollett, he actually received credible death threats. He risked his life to play a game. I'm in no denial about that and that's why I said ‘in many respects’. Caitlin Clark is not risking her life. She is, however, risking her sanity. She is combating a normalized and an insidious form of racial idolatry. Woke culture has turned Clark into the avatar for ‘White savior syndrome’. Black leftists have been programmed to believe that when White people acquiesce to demands from Black leftists to help Black people overcome ‘oppression’, White people are doing so to act as a ‘White savior.’ 
Everybody knows -- White saviors, they're ‘racist.’ It's a no- win situation for White people. If they ignore the ‘suffering’ of Black people, they’re ‘racist.’ If they take action to limit the ‘suffering’ of Black people, they're ‘racist' too. ‘White savior syndrome’ is really just a tactic that Marxists use to convince Black people that Christianity is racist. It's all part of a convoluted argument that Christianity is ‘The White Man's Religion.’ 
Caitlin Clark's sanity cannot survive the racial, sexual, and political blender that participation in the WNBA will cause. She's just 22 years old. she's a White woman with a boyfriend raised in the Catholic faith. She plays on a bad basketball team that has started the season 0-5. She's playing in a league that is hostile to virtually everything about her -- skin color, sexuality, and faith. That's why in terms of mental health, I think it's fair to compare Clark to Jackie Robinson. The mental health challenges facing her are every bit, if not more, as strenuous as Robinson's burden nearly 80 years ago. 
As of today, if I had to bet, I think Caitlin Clark's WNBA peers are going to break her. I'm not alone in that thought. Charles Barkley, LeBron James, and countless others can see what I can see. The level of pressure on Clark to rescue the floundering league, combined with the amount of jealousy, racism, and anti-heterosexual bigotry directed at Clark, and also combined with the incompetence of the Indiana Fever organization are going to permanently destroy Caitlin Clark. That is my prediction. I do not see a path to success for Clark. Not a sustainable path. The sympathy appeals from Barkley and James will not lessen the animus showered on Caitlin Clark. There's a willful ignorance that defines the discussion of Clark, and ignorance that social media platforms and YouTube rewards. 
These WNBA players don't want to admit that Caitlin Clark ALONE is the primary reason there's significant interest in the WNBA. If they acknowledged that fact, they would be admitting a White girl is saving the league. They're so controlled by their racial idolatry that they are forced to be jealous, petty, and racist toward Caitlin Clark. 
Jackie Robinson was 28 years old during his rookie season in Major League Baseball. That's six years older than Clark. He joined a team that finished 96-60-1 the year before. No one was all that surprised the Dodgers advanced to the World Series Robinson's rookie year. Clark on the other hand, joined the worst team in the WNBA. No matter how much abuse Robinson suffered, at least he knew he was playing for a winner and playing meaningful games. Athletes love to win. Winning is the reward for suffering and sacrifice. As a baseball player, particularly as a batter, Robinson could single-handedly control his level of individual success. Clark's success as an individual depends on the other four players on the court with her. She can't pass herself the ball, she can't catch her own passes, she can't set screens for herself; she needs the other four players to be good and be able to operate somewhere close to her level. 
So far, the defenses deployed against the Fever are solely designed to stop Caitlin Clark. Defenders pick her up full court and she's blitzed and double-teamed virtually every time she initiates offense at the top of the key. Clark is going to struggle offensively and her team will struggle to win games all summer. She's going to be miserable and isolated all summer. She's going to hear idiots who know nothing about basketball dissect her play, and racist idiots dissect her personality and impact. This is unprecedented. 
The WNBA is a floundering league. Jackie Robinson wasn't tasked with ‘saving’ professional baseball, he just needed to save himself. Clark is carrying the WNBA. When Larry Bird entered the NBA in 1979 he shared the burden of elevating the NBA with Magic Johnson. Bird wasn't a White savior, he was the ‘Great White Hope.’ ‘Hope’ is a far lighter load than ‘savior’. Saviors get rejected, persecuted, and crucified. 
When the angry feminists and racists finish killing Caitlin Clark, she will not rise again three days, three weeks, three months, three years, three decades, or even three centuries later... She'll be dead right alongside the WNBA.” 

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