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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Why the NBA's Brand is Tanking

Jason Whitlock: “The All-Star Game is a reflection of the entire season. It's what the NBA has devolved into. These guys don't want to compete. The whole competitive spirit that defined America has been eviscerated by globalism, and by corporations controlled by ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’. Corporations that don’t believe in merit, corporations that are slaves to the international market, and don’t respect American values, the American identity, and the American work ethic. Our entire culture has been destroyed through globalism through a bunch of people sitting around and going ‘OH, MY GOD, IT’S SO MUCH BETTER IN FRANCE! SO MUCH BETTER IN EUROPE! SO MUCH BETTER THAN HERE!’... None of them want to move. All the people -- ‘AMERICA IS SO RACIST!’ -- none of them want to move. They don’t want to go back to Africa, they don’t want to go back to Italy, they don’t want to go back to Ireland, they just want to complain because they’ve been bought and paid for. Academia has been bought and paid for by China and all these other foreign influencers who are preaching a steady message that America is a bastion of evil, wickedness, and exploitation.
The NBA players and all other professional athletes are caught up in it, and caught up in their leagues promoting this type of mentality. That mentality ends up infecting the actual players. It kills their motivation and kills their respect, loyalty, and allegiance to the people actually sitting in the stands, and the people sitting at home watching the product. They hate their fans, so they serve up their fans bad product. It’s a relationship. Imagine being in a marriage where one of the spouses hates the other spouse? Do you think that spouse serves the other spouse appropriately when they hate them? You think the man or woman who is cheating on their spouse gives their best in any capacity to their spouse when they actually hate them and are cheating on them? That’s what the NBA and basketball has been doing to American basketball fans for three decades. They’ve been cheating on you. They’ve been cheating on us. They’ve been courting China and all these other places around the globe, and watched us get served doo-doo sandwiches and say ‘HMMM, THIS TASTES LIKE WHAT MAGIC JOHNSON AND LARRY BIRD WERE SERVING! THEY WERE SERVING FILET MIGNON BUT THIS DOO-DOO THAT LEBRON AND THIS GROUP ARE SERVING US, MAN, IT ALMOST TASTES LIKE FILET MIGNON!’... ‘I REMEMBER WHEN MICHAEL JORDAN USED TO SERVE UP A SEVEN COURSE MEAL, TOP OF THE LINE, AND NOW LEBRON AND THESE GUYS SERVE UP BURGERS AND FRIES!... And we ain’t talking about In-N-Out burger. They're serving White Castle and telling you that it’s a seven course meal and it tastes the exact same as what Michael Jordan was serving at his restaurant 82 nights a year.
And the media is all in on it. I hold athletes to a standard and demand that athletes respect fans, and carry themselves in a way that elevates the game, and it’s ‘OH, WHITLOCK IS THE BAD GUY!’... Michael Jordan, whether the quote is accurate or not, said ‘Republicans buy sneakers too’. Maybe he didn’t even say that, but bottom line, he said ‘I’m not getting involved in that political BS that ya’ll wanna drag me into. I’m gonna get these shots off, play these games, sell these shoes, and I’m gonna leave all the divisive politics to you clowns.’ Now all the ‘clowns’ are in the NBA and the NFL, and they’re all promoting the same politics, and the same political narrative that China and our foreign adversaries want promoted. ‘AMERICA IS EVIL!’... Particularly, as it relates to these Black athletes, you’re ‘owed’ something. Yes, I know you’re making $20-$30 million a year. Yes, I know you’re taking care of your family, friends, and living your best life, but damnit, you’re owed something because 150 years ago there was some racism that YOU never experienced, and you’re ‘owed’ something for it.
The person that shows up with an entitled mindset, does he give the same effort as someone who doesn’t feel entitled? Absolutely not. Entitlement is a poison, it’s a cancer of the mind, and the NBA and basketball have that cancer, it’s not just the All-Star Game.” 

Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless ripped the NBA after their league’s annual All-Star Game on Sunday posted the second-lowest television rating in the event's history, and was likely the game’s least watchable game ever.

The game was marred by an extreme lack of effort both offensively and defensively, with a hodgepodge of sloppy alley-oops, air balls from half court, completely uncontested dribble drives and layups, and uninspiring three point attempts, 168 to be exact.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details his theory on why ‘globalism’ ruined the NBA, and turned basketball players into the most entitled and unlikeable athletes in sports. 

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