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Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow Won't Survive in the Punishing AFC North Division

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Burrow is a way better prospect than Baker Mayfield, but he’s not Elway, he’s not Trevor Lawrence next year, and he’s not Andrew Luck… He’ll be taking on the best roster in the NFL, Baltimore, the best young defensive front in the NFL, Pittsburgh, with Big Ben coming back, and I may trash Cleveland but once they draft a tackle and a linebacker they might have a top 6 roster in the league, they are STACKED… Burrow is going to inherit a below-average owner and a suboptimal head coach in a brutally good division with two of the best ownership groups in the NFL – Baltimore and the Rooney family… People are looking into Joe Burrow’s eyes and seeing Peyton Manning?? I’m going to look into Joe Burrow’s eyes in October and you know what I’m going to see? FEAR. ‘GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!’ He’s going to be facing the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns pass rushes who will be 3 of the top 5 of the league.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s never been a big fan of former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who is widely expected to be selected number one overall in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Colin has been on record saying that Burrow is more of a good ‘story’ than an elite NFL prospect, and has already predicted that Burrow will never become a top 10 quarterback in the league. Colin has also stated that he believes former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will be a much better pro.

Check out the video above as Colin shuts down the gaudy comparisons rolling in for Burrow, with some even comparing him to legends like Joe Montana and Peyton Manning. Colin says Burrow should be terrified of an AFC North Division that will boast three of the most elite front sevens in the league with Baltimore, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.