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Michael Jordan Biographer Says Food Poisoning Story in 'Flu Game' is a Lie

Dan Patrick: "The whole flu game.. Now it's become food poisoning..."

Sam Smith: "It wasn't food poisoning. He made that up! There were several things based on a true story and that was one of them. Our society likes to believe in conspiracy theories because they're a lot more fun than the truth. He wasn't poisoned...that's not what happened. There is no question he was ill but I think it was something that wasn't as manly as some other episodes. They were going in and out between Salt Lake City and Park City so I think it was altitude sickness. The symptoms he had fit that more than anything else."

Dan Patrick: "Why not just let this sleeping dog lie? We celebrated 'The Flu Game.'"

Sam Smith: "There was no reason to. He never slept... He chain-smoked and still went out and dropped 50. He didn't want to play that next year so he should have made that up. He didn't want to come back. He had a great team besides losing Scottie Pippen. He just didn't want to play. We should be celebrating that he went out on top."

Listen to Sam Smith, author of ‘The Jordan Rules’, join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why he thinks the entire story behind Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ and the purported food poisoning that caused it, is a complete lie.

Check out the full segment above to hear Smith detail why he believes the real culprit makes the legendary story a lot less memorable.

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