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Rob Parker Calls Michael Jordan a 'Punk' For Lying About Isiah Thomas

Rob Parker Blasts Michael Jordan For Lying About Isiah Thomas & Dream Team

Rob Parker: “Michael Jordan is the ONLY player who could have kept Isiah Thomas off the Dream Team. It wasn’t Bird, it wasn’t Magic, it wasn’t Charles Barkley, Jordan just used those guys as a buffer saying a lot of guys didn’t like Isiah Thomas… Jordan had no problem putting former teammates out to pasture in his own documentary, but when it came to Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan sounds like a PUNK, and there is no other word. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU PUSSYFOOTING AROUND THIS, OWN IT! IF YOU’RE GOING TO DESTROY SOMEBODY’S BASKETBALL LEGACY AND CHEAT THEM OUT OF ONE OF THE MOST CROWNING MOMENTS IN BASKETBALL AND YOU WERE THE REASON WHY, THEN OWN IT. You did it, Mike! Be a man! Why are you afraid to own up to what you did?? That’s why I called you a punk. You had every chance to clear the air and keep it real and you couldn’t do it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Michael Jordan after audio from 2011 was revealed on Monday that refuted what Jordan has been publicly saying about his role in Isiah Thomas being left off the 1992 United States Olympic Basketball Team.

Jordan claims that he didn’t have anything to do with Thomas’ snubbing from The Dream Team, but the audio that leaked over the weekend appears to show Jordan admitting that he told USA Basketball that he would refuse to be a part of the team if Thomas played.

The 1992 Dream Team is often considered the greatest team ever assembled in the history of sports, and the obvious shunning of Thomas has been a fascinating basketball story that once again resurfaced in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary series.

Check out the audio above as Parker calls Jordan a ‘punk’ for cowardly running away from the story altogether, as Parker says Jordan needs to ‘be a man’ and admit that he indeed was the one who kept Isiah off the Dream Team.

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