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Rob Parker Says Tom Brady Needs to Admit He Cheated in Upcoming Documentary

Rob Parker: “The stuff that we know about Tom Brady we won’t see because it’s only going to be about the Super Bowls. But what about the scandals and all the other stuff that’s going on about the Patriots?? If you’ve got me some inside information and some footage that we’ve never seen, I’m all in. I want to see SpyGate, I want to see DeflateGate, I want to see the 150 texts between Tom Brady and the ball boy. I wanna see THAT… Nine hours?? This could be a FLOP.” (Full Audio Above, and Second Rant Below)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he doesn’t think Tom Brady should be the subject of an upcoming 9-part documentary series that will chronicle the six Super Bowl seasons for the New England Patriots dynasty.

Check out the audio above and below as Rob blasts the documentary, and says that not only is Brady way too boring of an individual to deserve an entire series on his success, but says Brady needs to come clean about the Patriots’ dark history of alleged cheating if he wants to capture the attention of sports fans desperate for something to watch on TV.

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