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Rob Parker Says Michael Jordan Destroyed Isiah Thomas' NBA Legacy

Rob Parker: “Michael Jordan was supposed to be big and bad. He told Scottie he was selfish, he told Horace Grant that he was a rat on national television, you looked into the camera and said Isiah was an a**hole, but you can’t admit that you pulled the trigger?? YOU were the one who wrecked Isiah’s legacy! A top 50 player of all time, and a Hall of Famer.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rip Michael Jordan for his supposed role in the torpedoing of Isiah Thomas’ spot on the 1992 Olympic Basketball Team, as the notorious story continues to burn bright in the weeks following ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary.

Earlier this week, Parker called Jordan a ‘punk’ for refusing to come clean and admit that he was the one who kept Isiah off the team, with Parker angry with audio leaked from 2011 where Jordan seemingly tried to establish that former Pistons and Olympic team coach Chuck Daly was the reason Isiah was kept off. Parker says how convenient for Jordan to try to throw a guy who died in 2009 under the bus, and a late NBA icon who can’t defend himself.

Check out the rant above as Parker says that Jordan ‘wrecked’ Thomas’ career by keeping him off perhaps the most legendary team in sports history, justly tabbed the ‘Dream Team.’

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