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Colin Kaepernick Takes a Loss By Staying Silent After George Floyd's Death

Colin Kaepernick Takes a Loss By Staying Silent After George Floyd's Death
Doug Gottlieb: “While I’m sitting here giving credit to Colin Kaepernick, I need to point this out because it’s really, really, really important. The real reason Kaepernick lost his job as starting quarterback with the 49ers the first time is the real thing that is being exposed this time. He is not comfortable being a true leader. Did he bring attention to a major problem? Absolutely… Kaepernick brought attention to it, that’s a good thing, and raising money for awareness is a good thing, but we have a country on fire. We agree that something needs to change, but where is Colin Kaepernick?? He doesn’t need to sign with an NFL team to win, he wins by simply locking arms with the protestors anywhere in the country, and getting in front of the TV cameras and saying ‘I told you so, this is the problem that I wanted to have fixed.’ And once he immediately denounces any sort of looting or violence, he wins, and he becomes the leader of the movement in which he started on a national scale… This is his Super Bowl, and everyone admits that ‘you were right’ and yet we can’t find you. A true leader would be there leading the marches, being the voice, and being the face, and not just the image of it… The reason he originally lost his job is because he wasn’t seen as a leader. He should be in Washington, DC, or LA, or Seattle… I would say that’s a loss, disappointing, and not being able to champion the cause that you brought an incredible amount of attention to and the moment where everyone says ‘hey dude, you were right.’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Colin Kaepernick took a loss this week by remaining silent and out of the public’s eye in the wake of George Floyd’s death from police brutality.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he thinks Kaepernick’s movement could have been immensely elevated if he had emerged as the ‘face’ of the protests, and had appeared as the vocal leader with actual boots on the ground during some of these demonstrations across the United States.

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