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Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock Blast 'Woke' Mike Florio on Twitter

Listen to Jason Whitlock join Clay Travis to discuss the recent Twitter beef he had with Pro Football Talk founder Mike Florio, as the two opinionated sports talk hosts on opposite sides of political spectrum got into it on social media.

The back-and-forth started when Florio was critical of Donald Trump not making any tweets about ‘Juneteenth’ on his personal Twitter page. A Twitter user then re-quoted Florio’s tweet saying they had searched Florio’s ‘ProFootballTalk’ account for the term ‘JuneTeenth’ and it was revealed that Florio had never made any allusions to the African-American holiday in the history of the account.

That’s when Whitlock jumped in and mentioned that Florio had allegedly ‘never hired a black man either’ and added ‘Florio will take a knee and do every gesture imaginable but he’s not going to hire a black writer. Florio is pro-gesture, not pro-black.'

Whitlock then posted screenshots of dated articles on the Profootballtalk website that were authored by Florio, that contained extremely insensitive and inflammatory language,including really disparaging remarks about Michael Strahan and Mike Tirico.

The altercation eventually culminated in Florio addressing the allegations, and issuing a statement to apologize for the controversial articles he had written in the past.

Check out the full audio above as Whitlock details to how it all went down.

Check out the tweets below.

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