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Colin Cowherd Hands Out His 2020 NBA Regular Season Awards

Colin Cowherd Hands Out His 2020 NBA Regular Season Awards

Rookie of the Year: Tyler Herro, Ja Morant, Kendrick Nunn, or Zion Williamson?

“ZION: Ja never scored 30 or more in a game and Zion did it three times in his last 11 games. I’m going with Zion Williamson who simply had better numbers. The Pelicans as a team are over .500 and the Grizzlies are under .500.”

Most Improved Player: Bam Adebayo, Devonte' Graham, Brandon Ingram, or Jayson Tatum?

“TATUM. He’s averaging 8 points more per game than he was last year. He already has a fairly established game, so he added almost a third more to his game. The Celtics are a dark horse championship team. He was second in the NBA over the last month in points per game. Not only did he improve, but in his last month he was exceptional.”

Defensive Player of the Year: Adebayo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, or Rudy Gobert?

“This one isn’t terribly close, this is a slam dunk for GIANNIS. I do love Rudy Gobert, but people guarded by Giannis shoot 36% from the field – best in the NBA. If Giannis mans you up, you become a poor offensive basketball player.”

Most Valuable Player: Luka Doncic, Giannis, James Harden, or LeBron James?

“LEBRON. The Lakers have a new free agent teammate Anthony Davis, a new roster, a new coach, a new assistant coach, a new offensive system, and they finished as the number one seed in the West. LeBron is also playing a new position, and he leads the NBA in assists per game. I don’t even think it’s close and I don’t understand the argument.”

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