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Rob Parker: Mike Trout is Too Boring to Be the Face of Baseball

Rob Parker: “We saw Aaron Judge at the All Star Game in Miami when he put on an unbelievable show and people were buzzing. When he won the Home Run Derby as the first rookie to ever win it outright, even the commissioner Rob Manfred said after that ‘he’s the guy who could be the face of baseball.’ That’s no disrespect to Mike Trout, who is a great player. There are players who are better all-around players than Aaron Judge, but the problem is that you gotta have everything wrapped up to make people wanna care about you. To me, Mike Trout is like Tim Duncan. Duncan was a great player, and nobody could say anything bad about him, but if someone put together 3 or 4 soundbites, people wouldn’t even know what Duncan sounds like. That’s not the guy who you want to lead your league. Duncan won 5 championships, he did everything right, everything you wanted, wasn’t in trouble, was a model citizen, was a good guy, and nobody had anything bad to say about him, but he didn’t move the needle. Aaron Judge can do that. If he can have an MVP type season, bash those big home runs, help the Yankees get to the World Series and win one, I think he would have a chance to grab the attention of the nation.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Aaron Judge is going to make a major surge in 2020 to officially become the ‘face of baseball’, as Rob doesn’t think Mike Trout has the type of larger than life marketing ceiling that Judge has playing in the nation’s largest media market, as one of the biggest athletes in sports, and specializing in the game's sexiest statistic.

Check out the video above as Parker explains why Trout is the MLB’s version of ‘Tim Duncan’, and a guy everyone respects as one of the greatest talents in the sport's history, but also a player that doesn’t remotely appeal to the average fan.

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