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David Price Blasts MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred After COVID-19 Outbreak

David Price was one of the biggest names in baseball to opt to sit out during the 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday morning, after the news of the outbreak from the Miami Marlins, Price took to Twitter and was very vocal about MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and how he will handle this current situation.

Now we REALLY get to see if MLB is going to put players health first. Remember when Manfred said players health was PARAMOUNT?! Part of the reason I’m at home right now is because players health wasn’t being put first. I can see that hasn’t changed.

A little over three weeks ago, Price announced that he will be sitting out the season due to the best interest of protecting his family. Now, it make make several players reconsider if they should play the rest of the season or where the league goes from here.

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