Golf Ratings Are Dunking on Every Other Sport in America Right Now

Golf Ratings Are Dunking on Every Other Sport in America Right Now

It's PGA Championship week, and Clay Travis is talking golf. Major sports leagues across the country have been back for a little while now, and there is something that is catching the eye of Clay, and that is the ratings in golf. Golf right now is absolutely dominating in the ratings against the NBA, MLB and NHL.

Typically, the NBA would get higher numbers than golf would, but that has not been the case. Last week, the WGC - FedEx St. Jude Invitational in Memphis out rated every single NBA game except for Lakers versus Clippers, and that was without Tiger Woods in the field.

Why is that? Clay believes that politics is the answer. The NBA has been by far the most political league in the country, and many consumers are tired of it and have decided to tune out the NBA. The PGA Tour on the other hand has remained out of politics pretty much entirely. This is, according to Clay, why the PGA Tour has been absolutely killing it in the ratings. People want sports as an escape from politics, and they will turn their attention to a place they can actually find that escape. That escape recently has been golf.

Don't expect things to change this week either, as the year's first major, the PGA Championship, is being held at TPC Harding Park in the Bay Area, and Tiger is actually in the field, and looking for major title number 16.

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