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Pro Football Doctor Predicts When Dak Prescott Can Return From His Injury

Listen to former NFL team doctor Dr. David Chao join Clay Travis on Outkick the Coverage to discuss the severity of Dak Prescott’s gruesome Week 5 ankle injury that quickly became the biggest story of the season.

The Cowboys quarterback suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle midway through the third quarter after having his leg pinned between the ground and a Giants defender during a tackle.

Prescott was carted off the field while in clear agony, with tears running down his face as he waved goodbye to the crowd for the final time this season.

Prescott was rushed to a nearby hospital where he quickly underwent a successful surgery later that afternoon.

Andy Dalton would come in to relieve Prescott, and lead the Cowboys to a miraculously 37-34 victory topped off by a game-winning field goal as the clock expired.

Chao, who worked with the formerly known San Diego Chargers as their team physician for 17 years, breaks down the severity of the injury, what Dak's rehabilitation is going to entail, and when he believes Prescott can safely return to action, as the 27-year-old free agent to be faces a daunting next few months.

Check out the full interview above.

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