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LeBron's Fourth Finals Win is the Least Impressive Championship in Decades

LeBron's Fourth Finals Win is the Least Impressive Championship in Decades
Ben Maller: “Let’s be honest here, this was NOT impressive. We often hear about teams having to ‘overcome the odds’ to win the championship, but NOT the Lakers. EVERYTHING broke their way. You can’t disagree with that, it’s based in reality. This was a blah NBA champion, and I would argue that this is the least impressive NBA champion in many decades. They played in a lifeless and sterile gymnasium at a resort in Disney. They were able to dodge elite competition, and the playoffs were not entertaining. When LeBron James got to the fork in the road, he took the path of least resistance. Take a peek at their championship resume. The Lakers played an under. 500 Blazers team without two of their rotation players who were out with injury, and during the series Damian Lillard was injured. Then they got to play the 6’5” and under All-Stars from Houston. During that series the Rockets were so unfocused on taking down the Lakers that one of their rotation players was more worried about getting some a** than he was playing the Lakers. Danuel House, an integral rotation player got kicked out of the Bubble for his transgressions. The Lakers were then able to avoid Kawhi Leonard and company. That is akin to not having to pay taxes. You see a theme here? Now we see them get to the NBA Finals and LeBron and friends play a number five seed out of the East. Do you see anything here that is impressive?? Because I don’t see ANYTHING. Am I missing something here? What exactly is impressive about this Lakers playoff run?? The overachieving Heat lost their leading scorer, Goran Dragic, to an injury, and missed most of the series. Bam Adebayo was also injured and was a shell of what he had been. Put this all together and you have all the ingredients of WEAK SAUCE. This is the least impressive NBA champion I have seen in many, many, years.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks LeBron James’ fourth NBA Finals victory was the ‘least impressive championship in decades’ as Maller believes the Lakers run through the playoffs was about as watered down as it possibly gets when you factor in the fact they dodged the Bucks and Clippers, and played an injured number five-seeded Heat team in the Finals.

Check out the segment above as Maller details why the Lakers didn’t overcome ANYTHING to be crowned NBA champions.

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