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Pro Football Doctor Doesn't Like Chances of Alex Smith Continuing to Play

Dr. David Chao: “Give Alex Smith the Comeback Player of the Year Award right here, and right now, but he’s not the same mobile Alex Smith. He’s still very mobile, he’s more mobile than my friend Philip Rivers, but he’s not ‘Alex Smith.’ The regular Alex Smith doesn’t get sacked six times in this game for 41 yards, and he eludes the majority if not all of those pressures. The old Alex Smith is not throwing the ball for 2.2 yards per pass attempt, and that’s what happened. He had to stay in the game because Kyle Allen wasn’t 100%, Ron Rivera wasn’t trying to do it to him. I mean, congratulations to Alex and his family. Notch it up, he did it, he made it back to the NFL, and let’s all just celebrate that.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to former NFL team physician for the San Diego Chargers Dr. David Chao, join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to discuss Alex Smith’s triumphant return to the field, nearly two years after a gruesome leg injury nearly ended his career, and also ended his life for that matter.

Check out the segment above as Chao commends Smith, saying he should be given the ‘Comeback Player of the Year Award’ right now, but says it was obvious that Smith wasn’t very adroit in the pocket at all.

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