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Herschel Walker on Endorsing Trump: 'I Want America to Know the Truth'

Herschel Walker: “One of the things I started realizing as we became closer and closer was how much he [Donald Trump] loved the United States of America. I remember in 1985, he, I, and a reporter for the New York Times were walking down the street, and I turned to this reporter and I said ‘this guy can be President of the United States because he loves America.’ I remember that’s all he used to talk about; how great America was, and how you had all these opportunities in America. He’s an interesting guy, and I tell people to not look at him as a 'Tweet', or things he’s doing at all these rallies. He’s talking to the ‘people’ and he’s one of the guys. This guy loves his family, he loves the work, he works all the time, and he loves making things better. He’s very loyal and you can see how loyal he is to this country. That’s the type of President that you want. That’s the way he’s always been.”

Clay Travis:“What do you think when you hear people say he’s racist?”

Walker: “It’s sad, and that’s the reason why I got involved. I want America to know the truth. Donald Trump is not a racist. It’s tough because we have become so political today, and the worst thing that you can say to someone today is that 'he’s a racist.’ They take bits and parts of a speech and they try to make him a racist, and that’s what’s very, very sad to me and the reason I got involved. I didn’t get involved because I wanted to be in politics, it’s just somebody was saying something about a friend that I know very well that I know is not true. If I were to not get involved I thought it would have been an injustice to America. This guy is not a racist, he’s the best guy right now to run this country. He’s the best guy to be the leader for this country, and I wanted people to know the truth. I’m not getting paid, and I’m not getting anything from it, I just love America and want America to know the truth.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to College Football Hall of Fame running back Herschel Walker join Outkick the Coverage to open up to Clay Travis about his three decade-long friendship with President Donald Trump that began in the now defunct United States Football League, and why he’s made so much effort to endorse him this election season.

Check out the interview segment above as Walker details why ‘America needs to know the truth’ about our President, and how he decries Trump’s critics that call him a ‘racist.’

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