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Dan Patrick Updates Wisconsin Football Situation From His Inside Source

Dan Patrick: “I asked where Wisconsin stood and my source said:
‘If they can’t play six games, there’s a good chance with state spiking COVID cases that they shut down. Camp Randall is a possible field hospital… They won’t have a full roster when they play Michigan, but they will have both quarterbacks returning.’”

Listen to Dan Patrick give an update on the ongoing situation with the University of Wisconsin and their spiking COVID-19 cases among the football team, as Wisconsin’s game this weekend vs. Purdue was already cancelled.

Dan’s source says he believes the football program will close up shop if they fail to play six games, which would mean one more game cancelled. Their October 31st game vs Nebraska was cancelled as well.

Dan’s source also says that with the COVID cases in the state spiking, Wisconsin’s football stadium would actually be turned into a ‘field hospital’ in the event of the football program calling it’s season off.

Check out the full segment above.

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