Rajon Rondo Reportedly Has His Sights Set on Joining Clippers

It looks like Rajon Rondo could stay put in Los Angeles, but not the with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rondo showed during the NBA bubble that he is more than capable of being an NBA point guard, but his time as a starting guard may be over. Luckily for the Clippers, they wouldn’t need him to start, as he’d be an excellent backup point guard off the bench.

Rondo made nearly $100 million in his career, so at this point he seems content with passing up more money to play for a contender. It also doesn’t hurt that he won’t have to move from Los Angeles. With Jrue Holiday, Chris Paul, and Eric Bledsoe being traded in the last 48 hours, all the potential guard options for the Clippers seem to be gone. Rondo would be an excellent addition to the Clippers.

Would Rondo be a good fit to you on the Clippers?

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