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Rob Parker: It's Finally Time For NBA to Kill Off Slam Dunk Contest Forever

Rob Parker: It's Finally Time For NBA to Kill Off Slam Dunk Contest Forever

Chris Broussard: “At least leading into it, this is the worst dunk contest we have ever had. It has the least amount of buzz.”

Rob Parker: “I think this is the death of the dunk contest. This collection of unknowns and no-names is about as bad as the NBA could have put together. It was like they wanted to cancel it but couldn’t, and decided to put three guys together who most people don’t even know. I know Obi-Wan Kenobi but I don’t know Obi Toppin or whatever his name is. I’m lost there. What players have lost sight of is that the All-Star game is for the FANS. When you have this whole notion that you wanna be off and you wanna not play and take a vacation – this is when the league is supposed to be on display. Players are very selfish when it comes to understanding that there are things you need to do for the fans. I know the money is so big, and they don’t think about fans in that way anymore, but it’s the ‘fans’ game, and it’s supposed to be the biggest and brightest, and the way for the league to be put on full display. The best players should participate. They’ve lost their way and I think they’ve destroyed the dunk contest. Players don’t connect with fans anymore.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the league needs to finally kill off the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition for good, as both Rob as Chris think the largely anonymous and irrelevant cast of dunkers this past weekend might have alienated basketball fans for good.

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