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Clay Travis: LeBron James Will 'Shut Up and Dribble' When it Comes to China

Clay Travis: “The NBA is obsessed with lecturing all of us in the United States of America about the flaws that they perceive as existing in the United States. Social justice slogans on the back of jerseys and on the basketball court, and constant lectures from guys like LeBron, Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr, and Adam Silver about how the NBA players, coaches, and executives are much smarter about America than you are. Yet they are simultaneously taking billions of dollars from China. They are not standing up to genocide, they are not condemning concentration camps, and they are not opposed to slave labor because China pays much of their salaries. Yet they will ridicule the United States of America to the high heavens… China is using the NBA’s criticisms of the United States as propaganda that is shared with its citizens to say ‘SEE, THE UNITED STATES IS A HORRIBLE, RACIST PLACE.’ Meanwhile, China doesn’t have freedom of religion, they are committing genocide against the Uyghur population, they are making NBA products with slave labor, and they have no ethnic diversity at all… The United Stated – if you consider our immigration policies, is probably the least racist country to ever exist in the history of the free world – is being used as an example of the problems and perils of democracy, and of the inequities by China, because our NBA athletes, coaches, and executives, who are making hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of dollars are unwilling to support basic human American values. Instead, they are shutting up and dribbling for China. The worst of these players is LeBron James. The profit-based decision-making of his choices is so readily apparent. LeBron is shutting up and dribbling for China while refusing to do so for the United States, and even worse, saying that he won’t ever ‘shut up and dribble.’ But he’s doing just that for China so ‘Space Jam 2’ is allowed to be on in Beijing theaters. If LeBron came out and said ‘I’m opposed to genocide’, ‘I support democracy in China’, and ‘I support freedom of religion and freedom of speech’, then China would pull his movie out of theaters, and they might pull his Nikes out of stores. That would cost LeBron money. The big lie that LeBron James is selling is that he is in some way the person who is ‘brave’ and ‘honest’, when in reality, he’s doing whatever makes him the most money. He’s a hypocrite.” (Full Segment Above)

Clay Travis discusses the news of China reportedly electing to televise NBA games on its state-run television network full-time once again, as Clay points out the hypocrisy of the league proudly partnering with the intolerant and draconian world power while branding itself as a progressive beacon of social justice in the United States.

Previously, China had refused to air any NBA games within its borders after former Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted a graphic with the caption ‘Fight For Freedom, Stand With Hong Kong.’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the tweet potentially cost the league $400 million from the outrage it sparked from the communist Chinese government, and previously elegant and loquacious voices around the league like LeBron James, Steve Kerr, and Gregg Popovich strangely refused to publicly support Morey during the standoff with China.

Check out the segment above as Clay details the irony of LeBron promising to never ‘shut up and dribble’, when in reality he did just that when it came to passing on acknowledging China’s horrific human rights violations, and instead, making sure 'Space Jam 2' got into Chinese theaters.

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