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Rob Parker: Saints Will Win NFC South if Jameis Winston is Starting QB

Rob Parker: “Jameis Winston should be the starting quarterback, and if he is and Sean Payton is smart, I’m telling you, the New Orleans Saints will win the division over the Tampa Bay Bucs. That’s how much I love Jameis Winston. I know everybody wants to point to the interceptions, but if you really look at his career, he had the most passing yards in 2019, most passing attempts, and he threw 33 touchdowns. If you’re talking about replacing the Drew Brees that I’ve seen the last couple of years, then this would be a major upgrade for that offense and that team with Jameis Winston… He already had a Pro Bowl under his belt in 2015, he was the offensive rookie of the year, and he set some records in his small amount of time in Tampa Bay, so it wasn’t like he was a total bust, or he was like JaMarcus Russell. He’s a talented guy that if he could just make some smarter decisions, and take a sack when nothing is open, and don’t force it into coverage, that’s when you become mature. You already got the arm… YOU HEARD IT FIRST ON FOX SPORTS RADIO, JAMEIS WINSTON IS GOING TO LEAD THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS OVER HIS FORMER TEAM THE TAMPA BAY BUCS, AND WIN THE DIVISION. BOOK IT!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks that the New Orleans Saints, NOT the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the NFC South in 2021, but only if Sean Payton elects to start Jameis Winston over Taysom Hill next season at quarterback.

Check out the video above as Rob GUARANTEES that the Saints finish with a better record than Tom Brady’s Bucs if Jameis is Drew Brees’ official successor.

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