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The Dark Horse Team Russell Wilson Should Be Trying to Get Traded To

Colin Cowherd: “According to reports, the Bears are making a big swing for Russell Wilson, as Russell is very keenly interested in Chicago. He needs to grab his pencil and erase Chicago and put WASHINGTON in there and I’ll explain. Six good teams have their quarterback. New England has Cam, Dallas has Dak, Indy has Carson Wentz, the Saints have Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston, Pittsburgh signed Big Ben, and the 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo. Two other good teams do not – Chicago and Washington. Russell Wilson said he ‘likes’ Chicago, but let’s think about it. Washington has $38 million of cap space; Chicago is $19 million OVER the cap. ‘BUT THE BRAND!’ – most of my childhood Washington won a lot more football games than Chicago. Washington has a great defensive coach and a better defense than Chicago, LOOK IT UP. Pro Football Focus said Washington had the sixth-best offensive line, far superior to Chicago. Washington has a much easier division, and play the biggest brand in the world, the Dallas Cowboys, twice a year – with Russell you will win both, and they have a ton of cap space. It’s much easier for Russell Wilson to beat big-brand Dallas twice a year than it is to beat Aaron Rodgers and big-brand Aaron Rodgers twice a year. Wilson is 3-3 for his career vs. Green Bay. He’s 15-3 against Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia… If you’re beating Dallas twice a year, Jerry twice a year, and Dak twice a year, and you’re beating the blue-blood New York Giants twice a year, that is a way bigger brand than losing to Green Bay… One year ago Washington was Tampa before Brady took over. Tampa was 7-9, veteran head coach, super-talented defense, and promising o-line. Washington was 7-9, veteran head coach, great defensive talent, and a promising o-line. They ARE Tampa… It is time for Russell Wilson to pivot off Chicago and go to Washington. He would OWN the division.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson should forget about trying to hook a trade that would send him to the Chicago Bears, and instead focus his attention on the Washington Football Team, who is coming off an NFC East championship with Alex Smith as their quarterback.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks a young and loaded Washington team reminds him of the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers before Tom Brady signed there.

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