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Bears Are Reportedly Preparing a Blockbuster Trade Offer For Russell Wilson

Colin Cowherd: “So here is the very latest: I’m told the Chicago Bears are trying to make a move on Russell Wilson, and they’re trying to create a move that is so good that Seattle can’t say ‘NO’… I have no idea how Chicago is going to make this work; they don’t have a quarterback to give Seattle, and they don’t have a great draft pick to give Seattle because they made the playoffs. Here’s how it works: Chicago gives Seattle five first-round picks. They may not be great picks if they get Russell Wilson, but they get five first-round picks, and nobody else is probably going to offer them that. Then Seattle has a deal to get a quarterback simultaneously with that. Keep your eye on Sam Darnold, a USC guy – Pete Carroll a USC guy… Chicago is trying to make it work, and keep your eye on Sam Darnold, that’s how Seattle gets their quarterback.” (Full Video Above)

Colin Cowherd says he’s being told by his sources that the Chicago Bears are currently putting together a massive trade package to acquire Russell Wilson, as the 32-year-old 8-time Pro Bowler has spent much of the offseason airing out his dirty laundry with the Seahawks organization.

Check out the video above as Colin says the Bears could potentially offer the Seahawks an offer they can’t refuse, which might end up being five first-round picks, with Colin adding that the Seahawks would then turn around and make an immediate trade for Sam Darnold.

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