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Sports Lawyer Breaks Down the Holes in Deshaun Watson's Sexual Assault Case

Sports Lawyer Breaks Down the Holes in Deshaun Watson's Sexual Assault Case

Listen to sports attorney Dan Lust join Arnie Spanier and Aaron Torres to break down the latest developments in the shocking sexual assault case involving NFL star Deshaun Watson, and offer his insight into some of the ‘red flags’ coming from the plaintiff’s side in the days following the scandalous revelations.

Notable Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee is representing 22 women who allege some form of sexual assault against Watson, in a string of similar incidents involving private massages that alleged aggressive and perverted actions from Watson.

The investigation hasn’t yielded a criminal investigation as of Sunday, but Buzbee says that he will request a grand jury look at the evidence, which could result in criminal charges brought against Watson if the grand jury thinks there’s enough evidence for a trial.

Watson has obviously been under immense scrutiny, but there have been some questioning the legitimacy of the Buzbee himself, as it was reported that Buzbee is neighbors with the McNair family, who currently own the Texans – a team Watson has demanded a trade from.

Watson has denied the allegations and denounced them as a ‘money grab’, even going so far to say they're 'fabricating' their stories, and detractors of Buzbee’s case think there could be the potential for ulterior motives related to the timing of these allegations, not only to sully Watson's reputation to nuke trade offers, but for the jolt of publicity Buzbee would receive quarterbacking the case.

Buzbee stated last week that he doesn’t want to wring this case through the media, but his social media activity might say otherwise.

Check out the full segment above as Lust breaks down some of the intimate details of the case that he believes could add even more question marks to the already perplexing saga.

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